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IGGPPCamp is an online camp run by the IGGPPC [International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club]. For one long weekend during August, we all get together online and do lots of fun things – including watching movies together, making s’mores, playing games on Discord, telling ghost stories, learning new things through awesome video tutorials, making friendship bracelets, building forts, and so much more. Think online convention meets scout-camp! Not sure what Camp is or how to join in? Head to geekgirlpenpals.com/camp!
18 08, 2022

IGGPPCamp 2022: Easy No-Sew Bunting Craft

By |2022-08-10T17:15:52+00:00August 18th, 2022|IGGPPCamp 2022, IGGPPCamp Crafts|0 Comments

t's a super simple no-sew bunting, using patterned card. This craft can take as long or as short as you want, depending on whether you decorate your bunting or use patterned card like me (it took me about an hour).

18 08, 2022

IGGPPCamp 2022: Explore Yourself: A Map of You!

By |2022-08-09T17:19:36+00:00August 18th, 2022|IGGPPCamp 2022, IGGPPCamp Crafts|0 Comments

This year’s camp is about seeking adventure out in the world, but there’s also plenty to explore inwardly about yourself, too! In this activity you’ll create a map of an imaginary land that shows off what makes you tick. Think of it as a paper guide to what you love, what’s important to you, and what has shaped you.

18 08, 2022

IGGPPCamp 2022: Foil Package (Breakfast): French Toast Recipe

By |2022-08-17T16:54:03+00:00August 18th, 2022|IGGPPCamp 2022, IGGPPCamp Cookbook|0 Comments

Foil packages meals/snacks, are a great solution not only for camp, but for a picnic, road trip, even to take to work! Here's a French Toast foil packet recipe!

18 08, 2022

IGGPPCamp 2022: Create Your Own Fish and Ball Game Craft

By |2022-08-09T21:00:06+00:00August 18th, 2022|IGGPPCamp 2022, IGGPPCamp Crafts|0 Comments

Cup and ball games are simple yet addictive games, that’s why I want to show you how to make one, but with a twist! What’s more fun than a cup and ball game ? A fish monster and ball game, of course.

15 08, 2021

IGGPPCamp 2021: Legendary Stitchers Craft

By |2021-08-07T00:40:51+00:00August 15th, 2021|IGGPPCamp 2021, IGGPPCamp Crafts|0 Comments

Whether you’re an embroidery veteran or simply looking to try something new whilst getting into the camp spirit, look no further! This tutorial will show you all the basic cross stitch skills needed to make your very own unique (and completely legendary!) camp keepsake to cherish for years to come.

15 08, 2021

IGGPPCamp 2021: Johnny Appleseed’s Baked Campfire Apples Recipe

By |2021-08-04T23:32:43+00:00August 15th, 2021|IGGPPCamp 2021, IGGPPCamp Cookbook|1 Comment

This baked apple is the perfect "healthy?" treat for a  late night or early morning campfire! I list the ingredients for one apple, but feel free to make as many as you'd like at one time!

14 08, 2021

IGGPPCamp 2021 – Day 3

By |2021-08-14T06:24:52+00:00August 14th, 2021|IGGPPCamp 2021|1 Comment

The weather at the IGGPPCampgrounds is PERFECT for swimming today! Don’t forget to lather on the sunscreen before running into the lake! If swimming is not your thing, you can help Lore Coordinator Steena set up the hammocks along the lake front. Or I guess you could help Nurse Buffalo clean out the first aid cabin if organization is your passion!

14 08, 2021

IGGPPCamp 2021: Inside the Theme with IGGPPCamp Staff & Counselors

By |2021-08-04T21:53:48+00:00August 14th, 2021|IGGPPCamp 2021, Inside The Theme|0 Comments

This year's IGGPPCamp theme is the stuff of LEGENDS. So we're chatting today with our camp counselors and IGGPPC staff about where they like to hang out at camp, their favorite legends, and the legendary people that inspire them.

14 08, 2021

IGGPPCamp 2021: Daily Divinations Day 3, Tarot Legends Custom Spread

By |2021-08-04T23:51:38+00:00August 14th, 2021|Geek 101, IGGPPCamp 2021|0 Comments

The last two days were all about the basics. (Day 1, Day 2) Today we will have a chance to use a custom spread just for camp to create our personal legends.

14 08, 2021

IGGPPCamp 2021: Thunder Cake to Make You Brave Recipe

By |2021-08-04T19:14:57+00:00August 14th, 2021|IGGPPCamp 2021, IGGPPCamp Cookbook|0 Comments

When you see clouds gathering in the distance and you can feel the change in the wind, it's time to gather your ingredients. According to the story by Patricia Polacco, it's only a REAL Thunder Cake if it's in the oven before the rain falls.