Get Involved: Events

We love to party! That’s why 3 times a year we hold online events for our whole community to get involved with. Ranging from a few days to week long, our events are a great way to get to know your fellow iggles and become more involved in the IGGPPC community!

Birthday Party

When: Around March 19th

We celebrate our birthday in style each year on or around March 19.

Join us for a day of birthday fun and help us blow out the candles on another year!


When: August

During August, we create a refuge from real life during IGGPPCamp!

It’s is a 4-day online camp where everyone gets together to make s’mores, build blanket forts, sign up for a troop, make friendship bracelets, watch movies and more! Don’t miss out!


When: October

For a few days over Halloween, we have a spooky Halloween Party. Costume showcases, seasonal watch alongs, and lots of fun Halloween themed crafts and recipes add to the geeky-infused spookiness of it!

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