Get your creative juices flowing and make the most legendary postcard EVER! Turn your favorite legendary beast into a fun greeting to send to a fellow camper with a few simple steps.


  • A piece of card
  • Any kind of craft supplies you want to use
  • Pens / pencils etc
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Chimera Postcard Instructions:

We’re taking a trip in the way-back machine to 2017 for a Troop Chimera inspired craft! Troop Chimera was the first troop I stepped into the counsellor role for and it was a great camp! Now, if you don’t want to draw a chimera on your postcard, you could pick any kind of legendary creature you like (even Jojo!), let your imagination run wild.

I freehand drew the logo we’d picked for the troop so it was about 3 inches wide, and kind of figured out what I was doing as I went along (you may notice this is a theme for my Camp crafting activities…) so feel free to go off piste as much as you want. Having intended to keep it all as one piece, I ended up trimming small pieces like the lion leg and the snake tongue so that the background colour would show through, and using that blank space turned out pretty good.

Chimera silhouette cutout in the center of a large piece of orange cardstock, with a pair of scissors beside it

So, put your design in the middle of your piece of card so you have plenty of space to work with, you’re going to trim it to the right size later. I’d wanted this postcard to look like a picture of a Greek pottery vase, so I found a simple border online and copied it onto the black card.

geometric pattern in black cardstock pasted below the "chimera" silhouette on the orange card stock

I split the border in half and cobbled it together a bit, which meant it wasn’t symmetrical and usually that would set off my perfectionist streak but I put my initials on one end and it just worked nicely.

final cut out version of the postcard sitting on a windowsill; chimera creature in the center of the postcard with the geometric pattern above and below

Grab a real postcard to line up over your design and draw around so you can cut your card to size, and you’re done! All ready to send in the Troop postcard swap! (or keep for yourself, which is what I did!)

I hope you enjoyed this simple craft, remember it’s supposed to be fun and it doesn’t have to be perfect! I’m looking forward to seeing your creations!

Contributed by Katherine
Meet Katherine, aka Camper Alan-a-Dale! For her seventh IGGPPC camp – and her seventh camp ever – she’s bringing you a couple of crafts to enjoy during camp! Flashback to camps past with a fabled creature postcard craft, and create a design of the best legend – you! If you have any questions about it, you can find her most places online as @klff_.