It’s DAY TWO of IGGPPCamp 2022 and there is no sleeping in! (Coffee is on tap in the Mess Hall. Check in with Camp Chef Skippy with your fancy coffee orders. I’ll take a large s’mores latte with oat milk please!) Let us know on twitter if you are an early bird or a night owl! How are you settling in with your troopmates?

What’s happening at CAMP today?

Live Activities!

Live activities are primarily run out of our camp discord. Times listed are in UTC!

4:00 PM HANGOUT: Camp Dance Party
5:00 PM  GAME: Geeky Blind Test
7:00 PM WATCH ALONG: Jungle Cruise
10:00 PM TROOP SCALLYWAG All Camp Watch Along: Muppet Treasure Island
1:00 AM HANGOUT: Blanket Fort & Wine Night

On Your Own Time!

The Arts & Crafts Shed and the Mess Hall are open! These blog posts will be available all camp (and after!) for you to make and enjoy. Share photos with us at the Camp Grounds!

ARTS & CRAFTS: Paint-a-long
ARTS & CRAFTS: Magic Carpet Mug Rug
ARTS & CRAFTS: Make your own DIY stickers
MESS HALL: Foil package (Lunch or Dinner): Chicken Fajitas
MESS HALL: CYOA Trail Mix Popcorn


Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the details and to see what’s coming up later this week!

Want to show your camp pride off IRL? We added a bunch of camp merch for you to keep camp in your heart all year round!