Alright, the time has come – you have to pack up your bags and leave the campgrounds. 🙁 DON’T WORRY! Camp will live on all year in our hearts, and your bunk will be waiting for you again next year! Make sure you let us know on twitter if you get home and are missing anything.

But before you go, we encourage the swapping emails/addresses with your camp friends so you can keep in touch now that camp is over. Oh, and: DON’T FORGET TO CLEAN YOUR BUNK BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

Don’t want camp to end? You can get camp merch from our zazzle store. Proceeds help keep the IGGPPC site running!

But most importantly…

THANK YOU! This is the eighth IGGPPCamp. Can you believe it? We start planning in early May, and it is such a labor of love. Such incredible thanks goes out to the IGGPPC staff who work hard behind the scenes to make sure things run smoothly. MASSIVE THANKS to our counselors and activity leaders for their creativity, time, and passion to make camp a fun place in our hearts and minds. And finally, thank you thank you thank you to all the campers who joined us. Your trust in our silly little idea that we can make a virtual summer camp for awesome folks all across the world is so important. I look forward to camp each year because it brings we closer to this amazing community. It’s a time when I get to watch friendships formed and strengthened, creativity bloom, and through craft photos and late night (or early morning) chats put a lot of faces to some pretty awesome people.

So while we are closing up the campgrounds for now, I’m looking forward to bringing the camp spirit into the rest of the year! (Besides – now we get to start planning Iggleween!)

Did you just stumble into the campsite now?

DON’T WORRY! All our blog posts will still be here, and the Discord will be open through next short while for you to participate!

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