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Discord 101

HELLO and welcome to the IGGPPC Discord Orientation and How-to! If you’ve never used Discord before, we hope this orientation packet helps you navigate your way through our community!

What is Discord?

Discord is a chat room application you can have either on your computer or mobile device. It’s great for playing games, having discussions, and even hosting small video streams for communities. You can find Discord for free in any app store, or at this website to download for your computer or use Discord in your web broswer.

How do I join the IGGPPC Discord?

Joining our community on Discord is as easy as clicking a link! You’ll be automatically added to our IGGPPC Discord server.

I’ve joined the IGGPPC Discord. Now what?

IGGPPC stands for the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. Our members call themselves “iggles” for short, so you will see many channels called “iggle-something”, such as #igglepets or #i-am-iggles. If you’re here, you’re an iggle! Welcome!!

Our Discord is organized into sections to help you easily navigate and find what you want to talk about. Sections include things like “WELCOME/START HERE”, IGGPPC COMMUNITY, PEN PALS, and more. You can see these on the left-hand side of the image below.

Under each section visible in the left column, you will see a series of channels, each labeled with a specific topic. These channels are where the community hangs out! Read a good comic or book? Check out #amreading! Want to share photos of your pets? Check out #igglepets! If there’s a channel you don’t see but think we should have, just ask in #helpdesk!

When you are in Discord, channels show up as blue links, as pictured in the main text in the image above. Clicking on the highlighted names of channels like this will take you directly to those channels.

Some of the sections are for specific groups to chat: we have a section for our IGGPPC HOUSES (Houses are how we sort our pen pals for pairing) which you can learn about in #about-iggppc-houses and for IGGPPC MEETUP GROUPS which you can learn about in #about-iggppc-meetup-channels.

And of course we have a section for PEN PALS! You can share what you are sending or receiving (with addresses obscured for safety of course) in #mailcall. Didn’t connect with your pen pal, or maybe looking for another person to write? Check out #pen-pal-limbo! Want to share what you got in #swaps or make #trades? We have channels for that, too!

If at any time you need help, please ask in #helpdesk and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Many chats also have info about them in “pinned” messages. You can find these by clicking the icon in the upper-right corner that looks like a pin (circled above in blue), or in the app by clicking the icon that looks like people, which will open the menu including the pin icon.

You may notice @The JimBob Bot dropping into chats. He’s our helpful bot friend who can help you with things like getting added to your IGGPPC House or adding your preferred pronouns to your profile. Please see #about-iggppc-meetup-channels for more info!

If you see a bit of text that has been blacked out, that’s a spoiler! In order to use the spoiler function, use double vertical lines, like this: || on either side of the text you want hidden. Easy!

By participating in our Discord, you agree to abide by all of the Terms & Conditions of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, including our Discord posting policy.

Here is our Privacy Policy.

Here’s a link to our Safety page.

Remember to stay safe and follow internet common-sense! And if you notice anything that makes you uncomfortable, please reach out to the staff so we can help.

(You can also find all Discord posting policies in the #iggppc-discord-posting-policy and in pinned messages of the #iggppc-general-chat chat.)

What are your Discord posting policies/guidelines?

So glad you asked! You can read our full posting guidelines and policies here! (See HOUSE RULES.)