Want to get to know our community? We are active on both TWITTER and DISCORD.

What is Discord?

Discord is a chat room application you can have either on your computer or mobile device. It’s great for playing games, having discussions, and even hosting small video streams for communities. You can find Discord for free in any app store, or at this website to download for your computer or use Discord in your web broswer.

How do I join the IGGPPC Discord?

Joining our community on Discord is as easy as clicking a link! You’ll be automatically added to our IGGPPC Discord server.

Discord looks confusing! Where is everything?

When you join our Discord, you will land in our primary chat area, called #iggppc. It looks like this:

To chat with people or find other information, including pinned messages, look here:

If you need help, go to the section called #helpdesk and ask!

What are your Discord posting policies/guidelines?

So glad you asked! You can read our full posting guidelines and policies here! (See HOUSE RULES.)