Get Involved: Swaps

Official Swaps

These swaps take place at 6 unique times throughout the year and coincide with a holiday or geeky event we run.

Swaps News & Updates


All new swaps will be announced in the Swaps section of our Discord under #swaps-general-help as well as in the Welcome Start Here section under #announcements.


Our official swaps Twitter account is @iggleswaps. When a new swap opens it will be announced with a tweet. Unlike Discord, you don’t need an account to see these updates. So if you’re not into social media, this is the best place to find swaps news.


Our official swaps Instagram account is also @iggleswaps. This account is only sporadically active for the time being – it’s best to seek updates via Discord or Twitter. (We’re working on it!).

Don’t forget to use #iggleswaps on Twitter or Instagram so we can find your posts and retweet/repost them for everyone to see!


Scroll down to read our more in-depth Swaps 101 guide. If you have further questions or concerns, or if you are interested in hosting your own swap, contact us at any time.

For community-member run swaps, contact the host running the swap.

Don’t forget to follow @iggleswaps, where we’ll continue to post swap updates.


Everything you need to know about swaps!

A beloved and popular activity in our community, swaps are a great way to find new pen pals, flex your creative chops, and of course, receive packages of delightful surprises!

Swaps come in two flavors…

Official Swaps

Our six official swaps are run by IGGPPC staff member Kara. You can expect to see these same themed swaps open around the same time annually. Guidelines and sign up forms for each swap are available on our website. You can also find this same info on Discord.

Community-run Swaps

Anyone in the community can host these. Ideas of all sorts have inspired community-run swaps including: books, positive vibe postcards, stickers, tea. If you’ve got a swap concept you’re excited about, it’s likely others will want to join, so don’t be afraid to create your own!

More about Swaps on Discord

Discord is basically a chatroom where the IGGPPC community hangs out. You can learn more about the IGGPPC Discord here or join the server by clicking here. Our server has a section specifically devoted to swaps, and under that section you’ll find multiple channels.


All active swaps have a unique channel where hosts provide updates and answer questions. Swap participants use these channels to share pictures of their goodies and to notify each other that their packages arrived safely!

While most swaps activity occurs on Discord, participation on our server is not mandatory. You’re welcome to join a swap even if you don’t use Discord. 

#about-swaps is a read-only channel that provides a basic overview and descriptions of our official swaps.

#swaps-general-help is a catch-all channel for questions, comments, brainstorming, and proposing swaps ideas. 

All other swaps channels are open for a limited amount of time. They activate as soon as a swap is open for sign ups and until at least a month until after a swap’s mailing deadline. This allows everyone to continue chatting about packages as they arrive.

Pinned Posts: Psst! Each channel in the Swaps section has pinned posts that list all basic information you need to know for that swap. (Hooray, you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of messages to find it!) 

To access pinned posts:

  • On Browser or Desktop: hit the push pin graphic at the top right corner of your screen.
  • On Mobile: swipe left to open a side menu, you’ll see a push pin graphic labeled “Pins”.

Swaps Etiquette & Safety

Remember to thank your swap partners!

Once your swap package arrives, please send a brief email or DM to your partner. Not only is this courteous (they put a lot of time and effort into creating your package!) but it lets them know your mail arrived safely! 

Of course it then follows that whenever you send a swap, you should include a way to contact you such as an email address or social media handle. (One exception is the Geeky Santa swap – if you choose to remain anonymous you must at least label your package clearly as part of the Geeky Santa swap.)

Swaps Angels

Sometimes packages get lost in the mail or participants have to drop out without completing their swap. “Swap angels” are volunteers who send replacement packages as a random act of kindness. Angels do not receive a package in return. 

All official one-on-one swaps offer swap angels. If you’re interested in volunteering, when you sign up for an official swap, make sure to check the box indicating your interest in volunteering. Community-run swaps may or may not opt to set up swap angels.

Please note: just because you volunteer doesn’t mean you are locked into being an angel – you may decline if you are no longer able to send an extra package. Whenever a swap angel is needed, Kara typically emails everyone who volunteered and missions will be assigned first come, first serve.

Staff is here to help you.

Staff member Kara is best reached via email:

In a pinch you can also send a message on Discord or DM on Twitter or Instagram, but email is preferable as it guarantees your question will be seen promptly and your issue can be tracked easily.

Kara is available to help with any swaps issues and questions, not just official swaps! For community-run swaps it’s best to reach out to the host running the swap first, but you may also contact Kara if you’re unable to reach the host or you have questions/concerns you think the host cannot address.

If you have urgent safety concerns, please email Kara instead of sending a DM.


So you’ve suddenly been struck by inspiration for a swap that you think would be a ton of fun, huh? Reach out to Swaps Coordinator Kara for detailed instructions, tips and tricks!