Get Involved: Swaps

Official Swaps

These swaps take place at 6 unique times throughout the year and coincide with a holiday or geeky event we run.

Swaps News & Updates


All new swaps will be announced in the Swaps section of our Discord under #swaps-general-help as well as in the Welcome Start Here section under #announcements.


Our official swaps Twitter account is @iggleswaps. When a new swap opens it will be announced with a tweet. Unlike Discord, you don’t need an account to see these updates. So if you’re not into social media, this is the best place to find swaps news.


Our official swaps Instagram account is also @iggleswaps. This account is only sporadically active for the time being – it’s best to seek updates via Discord or Twitter. (We’re working on it!).

Don’t forget to use #iggleswaps on Twitter or Instagram so we can find your posts and retweet/repost them for everyone to see!

Want more info?

Staffer Kara runs the six annual official swaps listed above. She also runs the Swaps channels in the IGGPPC Discord Server. If you want to run your own swap, or if you have any other questions or concerns, you can email her –

Note: If you have a question about a specific community-run swap, please contact the swap host first.