One day as you’re exploring the IGGPPCamp campgrounds, you hear a strange noise coming from behind a big rock. It sounds like a faint cracking sound. You cautiously approach the big rock and look behind it. There you see a large colorful egg – and it seems to be hatching… Let’s create our own adventuring companion with this pop-up hatching dinosaur craft!

dinosaur egg supplies including paper, tape, scissors, a popsicle stick, and a pen


  • A popsicle stick
  • Cardstock (plain, colourful, or patterned)
  • Scissors
  • Glue and/or tape
  • A pen

Hatch Your Own Dino Egg Instructions:

Step one – Cut out two identical eggs shapes from your cardstock. Cut the top off one of them in a jagged line, like a hatching egg!

Two egg shapes cut out of colorful polka dot paper, with one egg cut into two "cracked" halves with a zig-zag line

Step two – Draw or print your dino design and cut it out – your dino needs to be smaller than the egg, so they can fit inside! Stick the popsicle stick to the back of your dino.

Two images of a little green paper dinosaur. On the left is the inked front of the dinosaur. It is very cute and happy looking! On the right is the back of the cut-out with a popsicle glued to it

Step three – Next you need to attach your two egg pieces together. You need to leave room at the top and bottom of the hatched egg piece for your dino to move up and down. You can make sure you have enough space by placing your tape or glue around the dino as a template. Stick the hatched egg piece onto the full egg piece, and slot your dino into place!

Three images: on the left, the back of the little dino on its popsicle stick set on top of the egg cutout; in the middle, the "cracked" piece of egg has been laid over the dinosaur to hide it between the two egg halves like a little dinosaur sandwich; on the right, the popsicle is used to pop the little dinosaur up between the two eggs through the "crack" like peeking out from under bed sheets

Step four – Take the top of your hatched egg card cutout and stick it onto your dino’s head so it matches up with the other half of the hatched egg. Now when you move your dino up and down, the hatched egg will move with it! My poor dino is a little clumsy and seems to have got their egg stuck over their eyes…

A triptych of the final dinosaur craft with the last egg "piece" glued over the dinosaur's head so it pops up as well during "hatching" like dino has a little egg hat on

Congratulations on your new dinosaur friend! Make sure to show them off in the IGGPPCamp Discord and on Twitter by tagging @iggppcamp. Thank you to RedTedArt for the inspiration for this craft!

Close-up of the finished dinosaur craft; the top egg piece has caught over the little dino's eyes in an endearing sort of way.

Contributed by Rhiannon aka Dispatch Specialist Bibbidi
Rhiannon is a cake-making cross-stitching camper from the UK. She’s one half of the IGGPPC social media team, and a fraction of the Iggle Wellness team too! You can find her on Twitter at @WritingRhiannon.