Who among us has gone walking in the woods only to come across some mysterious footprints on the ground? I know I have and I always want to make a cast of them, which was something I learned about in Science class and only later learned was a cornerstone to the Bigfoot aficionado’s base of evidence throughout the years. Having wanted my own set of Bigfoot footprints for some time, I figured why not make it a reality by casting my own set of dirty footprints. Bigfeet come in all shapes and sizes, so who is to say they’re real or not. (*they’re real*)


  • Brown paint or mud
  • 4-6 Paper plates
  • String or yarn
  • 2 foot long stick
  • 1 Scissors
  • 1 Hole Puncher (not required)
  • 2 Feet (1 right, 1 left)
  • Something to wash feet with

Bigfoot Footprints Instructions:

Recommendation: Do the task outside or in the bathtub/shower for easy clean-up.

A dollop of brown paint in the center of a paper plate

1. Put about a tablespoon (eyeball it) of brown paint on a paper plate. (If you’re using mud, make sure it’s watered and mucky, sticking to your foot.) You can add more paint or mud later if needed.

2. Prepare your four plates. Place plates right side up. Two for your right foot and two for your left foot.

3. Dip your right foot in the paint or mud. Things are going to be slippery from here on out, so be careful.

Paper plates are arranged in an alternating line (like footsteps) on a lawn. A person with brown paint on the bottom of their feet carefully steps from plate to plate leaving painted footprints behind.

4. Step on the face-up side of the plate – once on each of the right foot plates. (If your foot is bigger than the plate, make sure you get the toes and don’t worry about the heel.)

5. Now dip your left foot in the paint or mud and repeat this process with the left foot plates.

6. Clean up your feet and let the plates dry.

Paper plates with painted footprints are drying on a wooden porch

7. Once the plate is dry, punch a hole in the top and bottom of each set.

8. Cut string or yarn into 2 lengths of 24 inches each (61cm).

Two paper plates with painted footprints are tied together with a bit of string

9. Tie your two right foot plates together. Tie your two left foot plates together.

10. Then cut another pair of strings of 15 inches each (38cm).

11. Tie the top of the top left foot plate to the end of the stick.

12. Then do the same for the right foot BUT make sure it hangs higher than the left foot to make it staggered (like footsteps).

Paper plates with painted footprints are hanging on the back of a door

Now that you have your very own set of prints, make sure you share them with the rest of the Bigfoot Fan Club! Hang them on your wall to share with the world that you, too, have found the legendary Bigfoot.