Welcome to IGGPPCamp!

Our 7th annual camp will take place July 30 – August 2, 2020!

IGGPPCamp is an online camp run by the IGGPPC [International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club]. For one long weekend during August, we all get together online and do lots of fun things – including watching movies together, making s’mores, playing games on Discord, telling ghost stories, learning new things through awesome video tutorials, making friendship bracelets, building forts, and so much more. Not sure what Camp is or how to join in? Check out our Camp FAQ page.

Camp Bulletin Board

Introducing your 2020 IGGPPCamp Troops!

The 2020 IGGPPCamp Troops are TROOP WISH, TROOP SLAYER, & TROOP 42!

Learn more about the 2020 IGGPPCamp Troops and Counselors here!

Registration for 2020 IGGPPCamp Troops begins JULY 16, 2020.

This is an OPTIONAL part of camp– registering for a Troop is a way to get to know a smaller group of campers better, and there are additional games, activities, etc, that each Troop’s counselors will host. However, if you missed the deadline (or if you invite a friend to join you later!), you are welcome to participate in any and all of the full-camp activities (which will be posted with the Handbook closer to Camp opening).

  • For all the latest on camp check out the official IGGPPCamp Twitter and use #IGGPPCamp to join in the conversation!
  • Confused about IGGPPCamp? Check out our Camp FAQ’s.

The 2020 IGGPPCamp Handbook is coming soon!

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