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Our 10th annual camp took place August 17 – August 20, 2023!

IGGPPCamp is an online camp run by the IGGPPC [International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club]. For one long weekend during August, we all get together online and do lots of fun things – including watching movies together, making s’mores, playing games on Discord, telling ghost stories, learning new things through awesome video tutorials, making friendship bracelets, building forts, and so much more. Think online convention meets scout-camp! Not sure what Camp is or how to join in? Check out our Camp FAQ page.

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The latest from IGGPPCamp:

  • IGGPPCamp campgrounds are now CLOSED. Thanks for another great year at Camp!
  • The theme this year is IGGPPCamp: TIME TRAVEL. We’re getting a little wibbly wobbly as we explore space and time (along with a few throwbacks to camps of the past), plus challenges, new friends, and fun things to do along the way.
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Meet the 2023 IGGPPCamp Troops:

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What’s a Troop? Troops are an additional way to participate in IGGPPCamp! If you register prior to Camp, we will sort you into one of 3 Troops, each with a unique theme, to get to know a smaller group of campers. Troops often have additional activities and hangouts and have a ton of fun! To learn more about IGGPPCamp, check out our FAQs.

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IGGPPCamp Archives:

Looking for recipes or crafts from Camps of years past? Look no further! We’ve collected all of the snacks and projects from IGGPPCamp into these easy-to-find places:

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IGGPPCamp 2023: Introduction to Visible Mending

There are a lot of different techniques you can use to mend your clothing, so much that I can't cover in a single blog post, but I wanted to demonstrate two possible ways to mend holes and rips using visible mending.

IGGPPCamp 2023: Orange Creamsicle Cookies

Creamsicle is a flavor that takes me right back to childhood and hot summer days and orange sherbet push pops. Add that this cookie recipe is made with Tang, and you've got a double layer of space-age, retro flavor, right in your oven!

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IGGPPCamp 2023: Secret Code Bracelets

Have you ever been traveling and forgotten the password to start your time machine? Do you wish you had something to ground you when things get too wibbly-wobbly? Now any message is just an arm's length away!

IGGPPCamp 2023: Create Your Own IGGLE Scout Sash!

Calling all campers! You’ve earned the badges, now stow 'em on a sash! Time-jump through your memories to share your successes. Proud of your blanket fort? Want to show off your camp cup pride? Perhaps a s’mores badge would help you signal to others that you can fit more in when everyone else is stuffed. Whatever the reason, a camp sash is the best way to celebrate your wins of the season!

IGGPPCamp 2023: Paper Theater Craft

Like to build things out of paper? Miss playing with dolls? Have a story you want to tell? You can do all three with a tiny paper theater! The instructions may seem long, but once you start putting it together, you’ll see just how easy it is. Later you can even add even more characters or more scenery, and create a tiny play for every season!

IGGPPCamp 2023: Camp Time Camp-sule

Hello, and welcome to our Time Camp-sule activity! This is where you prepare a time capsule to be opened at next year's camp - by you! This is an open ended activity, so you'll be able to quite freely pick what goes into your box, preparing a care package for your future camper self!

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IGGPPCamp 2023: Time Lord Tini Cocktail (or Mocktail )

Whether you’re piloting the Tardis, it’s whisking you away through a snarl of timey wimey intergalactic fun, or you’re a very BAD WOLF, every time lord needs a refreshing beverage to keep them hydrated on their adventures. This easily customizable recipe is designed to do just that—add a bit of luxury, flair, and liquid to your time travel experience. Because fezzes (and beverages!) are cool.

IGGPPCamp 2023: Pizza Clocks

Who doesn't have time for pizza? There are few foods more delicious or versatile. It's much easier to bend these clocks to suit your tastes than it is to bend time.

IGGPPCamp 2023: Thread Art Shenanigans

I love IGGPPCamp and the memories and friends I've made here through the years. I also love crafts. That's why after years of enjoying camp crafts, this year I've prepared one for you all: Thread Art! I hope you like it.

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IGGPPCamp 2023: Back to the Future 1955 Pineapple Jell-O in a Can

In the 1985 film, Back to the Future, Marty McFly is transported back in time to 1955. Most of the action takes place at the local diner, milkshakes, soda jerks, etc. But if Marty had been invited to a dinner party, he very well may have come across this 1955 recipe from Dole.

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IGGPPCamp 2023: Time Vortex in a Bottle

If you have ever wanted to stare into a vortex of time and color, this is the craft for you! Putting together a sensory bottle can be very easy and lots of fun!

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