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Our 7th annual camp will take place July 30 – August 2, 2020!

IGGPPCamp is an online camp run by the IGGPPC [International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club]. For one long weekend during August, we all get together online and do lots of fun things – including watching movies together, making s’mores, playing games on Discord, telling ghost stories, learning new things through awesome video tutorials, making friendship bracelets, building forts, and so much more. Not sure what Camp is or how to join in? Check out our Camp FAQ page.

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The IGGPPCamp grounds are NOW CLOSED!

Please join us in 2021 for the next IGGPPCamp!

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Here are the 2020 IGGPPCamp Troops!

The 2020 IGGPPCamp Troops are TROOP WISH, TROOP SLAYER, & TROOP 42!

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IGGPPCamp 2020: Stargazing 101

If Astronomy (this is the science one, not to be confused with Astrology) is something you’ve always wanted to know a bit more about but weren’t quite sure where to start, welcome to Stargazing 101. Stargazing pricks at the scientist and the poet in all of us and, best of all, it’s free to get started.

IGGPPCamp 2020: S’Mores PopTarts Recipe

S'mores PopTarts, we can take it with us, wherever we go! It doesn't matter if it's to work, shopping or hiking. We just put it in a bag, or box and let's go!

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IGGPPCamp 2020: DIY Camp Zines

Looking for a way to record all of your camp memories in one handy place? Want to have a pocket-size piece of camp joy to keep? Have we got the activity for you! Here are your DIY camp zines, all ready for you to print and customize! 

IGGPPCamp 2020: Starry sky guided meditation

Is there anything more relaxing than gazing up at a beautiful starry sky? Unwind with a starlit meditation as Counselor Bibbidi describes a peaceful night at the campsite.

IGGPPCamp 2020: Paper Flowers Tutorial

Learn how to make very easy paper flowers to decorate your bunk at camp! You can even make them easily in the toilets or at the mess hall!

Inside the Theme: IGGPPCamp After Dark

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! IGGPPCamp! This year we’re camping out under the night sky, hunting for cryptids in the woods, and wishing upon shooting stars! Night time is a magical time at camp and hope you’ve been having a blast with your Troop. Before Camp got underway, we reached out to the staff and Counselors to ask them a few campy questions and here’s what they had to say...

IGGPPCamp 2020: Constellation String Board Craft

Have you ever wanted to bring a little piece of the night sky indoors so you could look at it all of the time? Well, stars are billions of miles away do that's not going to happen, but what we CAN do is create a lovely piece of custom string board art based on our favorite constellations! 

IGGPPCamp 2020: Glowing Ghost Cocktail Recipe

We have heard alcoholic drinks referred to as "spirits." This apparently became a term used, because of Aristotle. According to VinePair.com, Aristotle coined the term "spirits" for the distillation process. He felt that the alcohol put spirit into the body of the person who drinks it. Depending on how you decide to interpret that, you could be thinking, "I don't want a ghost in me!" Oh goodness now. "Spirit" could be referring to just a move lively aspect of your countenance. But sometimes, when we imbibe too much, we might think like someone else has taken over our body!

IGGPPCamp 2020: Fireworks in a Jar

Sometimes it feels like there just isn't enough cool stuff to do! Well at camp, there is always enough to do, and what would camp be without a good bit of Science magic? Today we're creating fireworks in a jar!

IGGPPCamp 2020: Celestial Wall Hanging Craft

Glam up your camp blanket fort with a homemade celestial wall hanging! This craft uses everyday materials to make a unique decoration featuring stars, moons and planets.

IGGPPCamp 2020: Cross-Stitch Badge

It’s time for a camp-themed cross-stitch activity! Whether you’re camping [...]

IGGPPCamp 2020: Almond Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars Recipe

These are gooey, chocolatey, messy, eat 'em up almond butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bars. I started making these last year around camp time and have perfected them to share with everyone at camp this year!

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