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Unfortunately due to time constraints and real life getting in the way we are no longer producing Charm Bomb episodes


Charm Bomb is a podcast about geekery, snail mail, and friendly foolishness. Join Stewie, Toasty, Summer, Hadas and Rosa, as they giggle about pop culture, all things geek, and what they’re currently obsessed with.

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The regular cast

Stewie the crazed pixie: Stewie is a generally fluffy sort of person, who cosplays, Larps, and loves Disney. During the day she does graphic design, and at night she blogs at She loves coffee and ewoks. She lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania with her geeky hubby and 4 furbabies. You can also find her on Twitter.
Toasty the mad scientist: When Toasty is not wearing her lab coat, can be seen putting her scientific background to use, dabbling in baking, cooking, and canning. She has a passion for photography and never leaves home without her camera. She blogs at about her hobbies, tea, and adventures. She lives in Texas with her husband and two dogs. You can also find her on Twitter.
Summer the brilliant tribble: Summer is a Texan by birth and Chicagoan by choice. A theater gal by day (and often by night), she spends her free hours documenting a life full of cats, floral print dresses, and her nerdy exploits on her blog A nerd by birth, she loves Doctor Who, the X-Files, and is always looking for a good young adult fantasy novel to read. You can also find her on Twitter.
Hadas the force to be reckoned with: Hadas is an easily and often amused Brooklynite. Her geek loves vary slightly each IGGPPC round (Are organizing and Chris Hardwick geek loves?). Potter was her best friend growing up, Warcraft taught her how to dance, and Classical Cultures led her to love all forms of literature. You can find Hadas on Common Room and Twitter.
Rosa the fierce viking: Rosa is a native Danish viking – or at least she likes to think of herself as such, even though she wouldn’t have lasted a day back then. She spends much of her time baking silly gingerbread people, writing epic letters while listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and reading her much loved fantasy books. She blogs over at and Twitter.


Theme: Each podcast centers around the monthly theme.
Nerdy News: A gameshow style segment, where one of our hosts puts her co-hosts to the test. Have they been keeping up on current geek events? The hosts will each play for the glory of someone or something, and the winner gets nothing at all! Play along with us!
Fandom Faves: We’ll each be taking a silly Buzzfeed quiz, or selecting based on our personal preference a character we relate to in a theme-relevant fandom. We’ve chosen from fandoms like Sailor Moon and the X-files. Let us know your fandom fave choice in a comment on our episode’s blog post!
Geek Loves: Each month, the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club pairs geeks from across the globe based on their Top 5 Geek Loves. You can read more about that here. Our hosts will select the funniest, weirdest, and most relatable geek loves to share with the other hosts.


Want to join the rotation? Have an idea for a segment? Email and let us know your feels.

Listen to all of the episodes here!
Use #CharmBomb to let us know all your loving thoughts about our magical voices.