In need of a snack for IGGPPCamp movie night? No ordinary popcorn will do for this adventure! Try out a CYOA combo or invent your own for a popcorn bowl befitting an adventurer like you.

An array of small bowls including salty nuts, trail mix, marshmallows, chocolate pieces, sprinkles/jimmies/hundreds and thousands (depending on your locale), and "party rings" which seem to be a colorful British treat in a blue bag


  • Popcorn (sweet or salty – your choice)
  • Toppings – choose any toppings you desire based on what kind of adventure you want!

CYOA Popcorn Topping Suggestions:

A thrilling adventure – are you in the mood for some heart pounding exhilarating action? Take the savoury path and choose some spicy toppings for your popcorn! You could add spices, hot sauce, or wasabi peas for that adventurous kick.

A magical adventure – if you’re looking for a magical adventure in a fantasy realm, choose some sweet and colourful toppings! Add some sprinkles, marshmallows, and your favourite colourful cookies or candies to capture those unicorn magic vibes.

A campfire adventure – how about a cosy and fun adventure gathered around the campfire with your friends? Add some chocolate and marshmallows to your popcorn for the classic s’mores experiences.

A hiking adventure – if you’re in the mood to explore the hiking routes of the IGGPPC campgrounds, make sure your popcorn provides you with the energy you need for your adventure! Add some mixed fruit, nuts and chocolate for a trail mix boost. Mix it all together. Once you’ve picked all your toppings, make sure you mix them into your popcorn thoroughly so every handful is full of adventure! I’ve gone for chocolates, sprinkles and marshmallows for a magical campfire vibe.

The final popcorn mix including many of the things listed above (such as marshmallows and chocolate pieces) in a blue and white snack bowl. It looks very tasty, perfect for watching a movie at camp

Finally, share your popcorn with your fellow campers and tell us about the adventure it represents in the commissary on Discord. Make sure to share it with @iggppcamp on Twitter too!

Contributed by Rhiannon aka Dispatch Specialist Bibbidi
Rhiannon is a cake-making cross-stitching camper from the UK. She’s one half of the IGGPPC social media team, and a fraction of the Iggle Wellness team too! You can find her on Twitter at @WritingRhiannon.