17 03, 2018

IGGPPC Turns 5 – GIVEAWAY – Organizing Your Birthday Books

By | 2018-03-08T22:54:56+00:00 March 17th, 2018|Books, Giveaways|0 Comments

Recently, I took a look at my TBR and was shocked that I had more books on that list than on my read list. My thirst for new books has clearly outgrown my reading capabilities and I should probably take a look at it.

20 03, 2016

Bookish Birthday Giveaway: Costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes

By | 2016-03-17T03:30:37+00:00 March 20th, 2016|General, Giveaways|12 Comments

*Please note the shipping location restrictions on this giveaway at the bottom of this post* What completes a birthday party without a party dress? And [...]

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