In honor of our 6th birthday this year, Steena has been so kind as to donate an archived Bounty Box! We took some time to catch up with Steena about how she came to be part of IGGPPC, her geek loves, and other fun things, so stay for a chat and then enter to win!

Thanks so much for sponsoring a giveaway for our 6th birthday! Do you mind sharing your IGGPPC story? How did you find us? How long have you been a member?
I love to talk about how I met the IGGPPC! I have been a member since Round 2, back in 2013 ?. I was a contributor for Paper Droids at the time and another one of our writers did a piece on a new pen pal group, specifically for geeky women. I was all over that like chopped hazelnuts on a Ferrero Roche!

The all important one: your current Top 5 geek loves?

  • Sailor Moon
  • Captain Marvel
  • The Abhorsen series by Garth Nix
  • KDrama
  • Spooky macabre anything

What’s something new you’ve gotten into recently?
Only in the last year have I joined the ranks of my fellow Millennials and dived headlong into podcasts. It started with wanting the Jordandene tank that said ‘Stay Out of the Forest’ and deciding I ought to listen to My Favorite Murder if I was going to buy it.

Binge watching anything you’d recommend?
I’m celebrating a year of Jane Austen in 2019 with book a month and at least two adaptations per book. I recently re-binged the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a vlog adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. If you haven’t watched Pemberley Digital’s classics remakes, I highly recommend them.

Finally, what’s your favorite dinosaur?

Thanks so much, Steena, for hanging out with us and for being a fabulous part of our community! 

Now, check out the Bounty Box, so generously donated by Steena, and enter to win below!

There are so many fun things inside! Here’s a sneak peak:

And this:

And there’s MORE, but you’ll have to win it to see it all!

The fine print: due to weight of box, this one’s open to US-based iggles only. Must be a member of IGGPPC to participate in giveaway. Giveaway/contest accounts will be disqualified. 

IGGPPC turns 6: Bounty Box