Happy birthday, IGGPPC!

We aren’t kidding when we say that we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for YOU– our wonderful, geeky, supportive community. You’ve given us five amazing years, and we really can’t thank you enough!

As a small way to celebrate, we have been collecting SWAG from conventions for the last year (including a LOT from San Diego Comic-Con!) and we want to give it all away! Below are FIVE individual swag packs– one for each of our 5 years of 5 geek loves!

The Deets:

For ease of explanation (and of splitting things up!), the swag bags each have an overall theme. Not every item in every swag bag will necessarily fit the theme, but at least some of the items should.

Each swag bag contains a t-shirt, a vinyl figure, and a Comic-Con magazine. The actual items are a surprise! That’s what makes it fun. But so you know what you’re signing up for, below we’ll list the themes w/ the t-shirt size for each and a couple of other hints. Please note that the shirts are all unisex, and there aren’t other sizes– we’ve only got what we’ve been given, and unfortunately that means M and L unisex shirts.

The Fine Print:

Because we want to spread the love, we want these to go to five DIFFERENT people! You can enter as many of the giveaways as you want, but IF your name is randomly drawn twice, you will win the FIRST prize for which your name is drawn, and we will have rafflecoptor draw another random winner. Cool? Cool.

Also, if you win and we contact you but don’t hear back within a couple of weeks, we will choose another winner. So be SURE to double-check your contact info when you enter it into the form!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@geekgirlpenpals.com

The Swag Bag Giveaways:

The “Geek Fashion” Pack
Includes items from 2017 Her Universe Fashion Show, Star Wars Pop vinyl, and 2 shirts, M & L unisex

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The “Marvel” Pack
Includes 2 M unisex shirts, Marvel DORBZ vinyl figure, poster

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The “DC” Pack
Includes M unisex shirt, Justice League themed SDCC attendee bag, DC Pop Vinyl

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The “Teen Romance/Drama” Pack
Includes M unisex shirt, DC Pop Vinyl, cute alpaca figure mystery box

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The “I Stood in Line Outside For Freebies” Pack
Includes L unisex shirt, SDCC exclusive Pop Vinyl, poster

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Best of luck and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!