The International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, also known as the IGGPPC, is a group of worldwide geeky friends. Founded in March 2013, the club was designed to bring together the nerd community through shared interests in all things geeky, a love of stationery, and an interest in making friends.
29 03, 2023


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For the 15th year, WonderCon hosted a BEHIND THE MUSIC panel, a closer look at the music that brings some of our favorite films and TV series to life. We had the opportunity to sit down with some of the panelists to chat a bit more about their careers, their process when starting a new project, and of course, their top 5 geek loves. 

22 07, 2022

The 2022 Her Universe Fashion Show Came Home to San Diego Comic-Con

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Presented by Her Universe and Hot Topic, The Her Universe Fashion Show returned to in-person programming during San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) with a standing room only crowd of more than 2,000 cheering fans celebrating the theme of “Coming Home.”

27 10, 2021

Hallowiggles 2021: 10 Spoopy Nail Art Designs for Witches and Ghouls

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I’ve created 10 different nail art designs you can use as inspiration for a spooky manicure, which totally still counts as a costume. There’s a few different kind of vibes, but feel free to make them your own!

27 10, 2021

Hallowiggles 2021: Pumpkin Carving Card Craft

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Carving a pumpkin and lighting it with a candle always gets me into the Halloween spirit, so here is a card you can 'carve' into a Jack-o'-lantern to either decorate your home or post to a friend!

27 10, 2021

Hallowiggles 2021: Intro to Beetle Pinning

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Beetle pinning is a fun and easy way to dip a toe into the world of taxidermy art, and is a relatively affordable hobby to pick up! As aesthetics like dark academia and vulture culture have gained traction online, natural history art such as pinned insects has also gained in popularity. If you want to learn a little more about it (and get a quick beginner's guide to getting started, this is the place for you!

27 10, 2021

Hallowiggles 2021: Spooky Stitchers Cross-Stitch

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Whether you’re an embroidery veteran or simply looking to try something new whilst getting into the spooky spirit, look no further! This tutorial will show you all the basic cross stitch skills needed to make your very own spooky keepsake of none other than our beloved JimBob after a trip to his local pumpkin patch.

10 08, 2018


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