We’re ringing in 2019 with a Yule Ball of fun and festivity! And what better way to kick off the year than with a +5 bonus to your geek cred by rocking a piece of gorgeous bling from RockLove Jewelry! The generous folks at RockLove have given us THREE necklaces to show your inner geek some love this year, so check out the details and enter to win!

The fine print: Below is a small description and review of each piece. You can enter all three contests, but in the interest of spreading the geek love, there will be a different winner randomly selected for each item. Entries must be from personal accounts, as any contest-only accounts will be disregarded. Giveaway open internationally. 

Star Trek Command insignia pendent from RockLove

The first piece featured is a lovely Star Trek Command pendent, made for the 50th anniversary. It’s a gorgeous hard enamel and feels smooth to the touch. Plus it’s on a sterling silver chain, which makes it a classy addition to your Trek-tastic wardrobe. I love this piece and think you will, too.

IGGPPC Yule Ball Giveaway: RockLove Jewelry Star Trek Command Necklace

Browncoat necklace from RockLove

The second piece featured is a shiny Firefly necklace, fashioned like a Browncoat dogtag with the phrase “I Aim to Misbehave” written on it. This is a solid, heavy piece made of brass and bronze that feels and looks great. It’s subtle enough to wear without attracting Alliance attention. This piece would be fun to wear as part of a daily wardrobe or add a little fine detail to a closet cosplay.

IGGPPC Yule Ball Giveaway: RockLove Jewelry Browncoat Dogtag

Guardians Groot Eating Candy necklace from RockLove

The final piece is this Guardians of the Galaxy necklace featuring Baby Groot munching on candy. The candy pieces are bright and colorful, and the solid sterling Groot is darling hanging on his sterling chain.

IGGPPC Yule Ball Giveaway: RockLove Jewelry Groot Candy Necklace

Giveaways open until January 1, but RockLove has gorgeous things year-round! Thanks so much to them for sponsoring this giveaway, and be sure to check out all of their products, including their Totoro, Disney’s Snow White, and Nightmare Before Christmas lines!