As an annual tradition for our birthday parties, iggle Aerin has generously offered to sponsor a stationery giveaway! You can see a sneak peek of the box below, and have a chance to catch up with Aerin!

Hi there! Thanks so much for sponsoring another birthday giveaway this year! It’s wonderful to have folks like you who have been in our community for so long. In the spirit of reminiscing, do you mind sharing your IGGPPC story? How long have you been part of the community? How did you find us?
So I moved from Central Maine (aka small town arctic tundra, ha!) to Connecticut in 2012, and struggled to make friends. The communities were a lot harder to become involved with, and most of the people I met weren’t all that friendly, nor were they interested in making new friends. I’ve always been a bit geeky & tech savvy, so of course I turned to the online world next. I found IGGPPC on a random google search, joined during round 14, and the rest is history! For those in pen pal limbo – my first match never responded either! I ended up making friends and pen pals with other Iggles via swaps, as well as Twitter and Discord.

Okay, so here’s the big one: what are your current Top 5 Geek Loves?
Oh goodness – I’m loving The Game (Card Game), Marvel’s Runaways, Pokemon Go (Mobile), Piku Niku (Switch) and our Crime Subscription Box, Empty Faces!

What’s the newest thing you’ve geeked out about?
Umbrella Academy – it was so good! I cannot wait for more.

Got any fun projects or plans in the works?
I’m looking into the Master Class video series – I’m really interested in the classes offered by Neil Gaiman and R.L. Stein!!

Since it’s our 6th birthday, what did you want to be when you were 6?
Probably a secretary. I was timid and lived in a very small town, so that was a big dream for me ? (and what my mom was)

Lastly, your favorite dinosaur?
Corythosaurus because he looks like he has a mohawk and it’s fun to say. (I have a toddler into dinosaurs, can you tell?)

Thanks so much Aerin! 

Now, on to the giveaway. Here’s a little peek at the box, and you can enter to win below!

The fine print: due to weight of box, this one’s open to US-based iggles only. Must be a member of IGGPPC to participate in giveaway. Giveaway/contest accounts will be disqualified. 

IGGPPC turns 6: Stationery Haul