Carving a pumpkin and lighting it with a candle always gets me into the Halloween spirit, so here is a card you can ‘carve’ into a Jack-o’-lantern to either decorate your home or post to a friend!


  • Black card
  • Orange paper or card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Optional: white and green paper


1. Fold a piece of black card in half to be the base.

2. On orange paper or card, draw the outline of a pumpkin that will fit on the base.

3. Think about what kind of carving you want – classic spooky face, or something else? Sketch out your plan.

4. Use scissors to cut it out, or if you have a craft knife use that for more of a pumpkin carving experience.

5. Stick the pumpkin to the base.

Optional: If you have a bit of green paper/card you could add it as a stem. Writing on black card can be tricky, so if you are planning to post it to a penpal you could stick a white piece of paper to the inside of the card for you to write your letter.

Have fun carving pumpkins y’all, and remember to share your photos with us!

Contributed by Kate
A book devourer, history geek and tea drinker living in the UK. Wishes she was cool enough to travel the galaxy or become a superhero. On Twitter @WroteKateC