Have you ever been traveling and forgotten the password to start your time machine? Do you wish you had something to ground you when things get too wibbly-wobbly? Now any message is just an arm’s length away!

Secret Code Bracelets Supplies:

  • Beads in at least two shapes or colors
  • String, fishing line, or bracelet elastic
  • Closure clasp (Optional! A knot works just fine.)

Secret Code Bracelets Instructions:

1. Decide what you want your bracelet to say. Favorite quotes, geeky loves, camp names – anything will work! Longer messages like quotes may wrap around your wrist more than once or can be a necklace!

2. Translate your message into Morse Code using the chart below or by putting your message into a translator such as this one. Want to show troop pride? Here are the translated troop names!

3. Decide which beads will be dots and which will be dashes. In the “IGGLE Camp” bracelet example, the yellow beads are dots and the orange beads are dashes.

4. Put the beads in order on your string to write out your top secret message.

5. Tie off your bracelet in a knot or add your closure clasp.

6. Wear your jewelry knowing that you have a secret in pain sight!

Contributed by Beth
Beth, aka PhoenixEmerald, is a slow roasted science nut from the deserts of Arizona. When not advocating for the birth to five crowd Beth can be found excavating interesting facts, happily crafting, reading, tarot-ing, puzzling, gaming, and rock hounding. She is pro-oxford comma and anti-pickles. Can be found occasionally on Instagram @ThePhoenixEmerald