Hello, and welcome to our Time Camp-sule activity! This is where you prepare a time capsule to be opened at next year’s camp – by you! This is an open ended activity, so you’ll be able to quite freely pick what goes into your box, preparing a care package for your future camper self!

Time Camp-sule Supplies:

  • One suitable box
  • Letter writing supplies
  • Two to four different skeins of embroidery thread
  • Whatever else your heart desires, but no perishables!

Time Camp-sule Instructions:

First, find your box! As your time capsule won’t be buried, but should be staying indoors until the next camp, it’s fine to use any suitable box. Here you can see the box I chose – an old treasure chest style box I had lying around. However, any box is pretty much fine! You want something big enough to fit whatever you want to put in your capsule, but not too big that it’s awkward. The box I chose will fit letters and stickers, but isn’t so big I’ll have an issue storing it away.

a colorful round box

(You could also use a cardboard box and turn your time capsule into a parcel!)

Next, write your letter. Think about what you want to say to your future camper self! Is there anything you’ve done recently that might be a good memory in a year’s time, or are you curious about the future?

The next step is making a friendship bracelet. The pattern I used for mine is at this link, but you can use any pattern you want for yours! This can take a little bit of time, but makes a beautiful, handcrafted bracelet!

The next step is to select everything else you want to put in your time capsule. The possibilities are endless, and very wibbly wobbly, so I’ll include a list of some of what I decided to put in mine.

I chose some stickers, and put aside some postcards for next year’s postcard swap, along with a bookmark from my local bookshop. Then, I put together a playlist of ten songs I like at the moment, a list of ten books I’ve read recently and loved, and a big list of shows and movies I’ve watched recently! I also added a washi tape sampler, because those are always fun.

As this is an activity to be done at your own pace, don’t be shy about adding mementos from camp, either! This is all about creating your own box of memories, personal to you as you are right now.

Finally, in a year’s time, open up to relive the memories from this year’s camp! I’m sure it will be a blast – I’ll see you there!

Contributed by Indy
Indy, or Counselor Marshmallow, is essentially an easily distracted dragon with a dozen little hoards! From enamel pins to books to her craft hoards, she has a wild collection of interests that all bring her joy. She loves the cute side of life, and is a proud second generation nerd, having been brought up on both D and D and Star Trek, and has loved Labyrinth since she was old enough to drag the VHS copy off the shelf. Find her on Twitter at @SnowWriterType