Could this be the easiest DIY ever? Yes it can! As long as you can handle some scissors, and have some tape and parchment paper around, you can do this. It’s THAT easy. Even if you don’t want to make your own drawings, you can just tear up some magazine to get pictures you want to make stickers from.


  • Let’s start shall we? What do you need?
  • White drawing paper
  • Drawing utensils
  • Clear wide tape
  • Parchment/baking paper
  • Scissors

If you don’t feel like drawing, you can also use pretty pictures torn from magazines!

DIY Stickers Instructions:

Take your white drawing paper. Draw some things!

A piece of paper on a green surface. There are 3 different color pens/pencils and someone has drawn cute camp designs on the paper

Cut them out.

Small cutouts of fun camp shapes lie beside a pair of scissors on a green surface

Lay out your parchment paper. Put tape on it, sticky side connecting to the parchment paper.

A bit of parchment paper is taped to a green surface. A pair of scissors and several cut out drawings are arrayed around it.

Lay your cut out drawings onto the tape. Put tape on it again!

Cut-out drawings are laid over top of a piece of tape which is sticky-side-down on a bit of parchment paper

Cut out your drawings while leaving some extra tape space among it.

Homemade stickers spread on a green surface. They are very cute and colorful! There is a slight edge of tape around each one so they can be adhered to whatever you like

Put your sticker somewhere by removing the parchment paper from it.

And you are done! Enjoy your new stickers. 🙂

Contributed by Eswee aka Spider Webz
Eswee, aka Spider Webz, usually uses all of her eight eyes to read a book looking for clues and is awfully behind on her letters. This weekend she’s taking a break to craft, build a fort, eat snacks and play with the birds. Hopefully there is one of these bottles to find at the beach! You know the one, with a letter or a map inside.