Can you believe it?! Another IGGPPCamp is here. This is our NINTH annual camp, and honestly every year it is such an amazing Herculean effort to plan that I wonder if it’s worth it, but seeing everyone’s enthusiasm as they roll into the campgrounds makes EVERYTHING worth it. But this is not (and could never be!) a solo effort. Your activity leaders, counselors, and staff have been pouring so much heart into this camp for months now. When you see them around this weekend, make sure to give them a huge THANKS!

For all our returning campers – WELCOME BACK! We keep doing this year after year because y’all are so invested in making camp be the awesome weekend it is. New to camp? HI WELCOME! We know camp can feel like an overwhelming experience, but we always encourage new campers to take their time, try new things, and stay hydrated! If you get lost or need advice – PLEASE! Reach out to us on Twitter or Discord. Camp is supposed to be a fun and relaxing escape. Everyone is so helpful and willing to point a new camper in the right direction!

One way I’m going to help with that, is through these daily posts! Each day a new post will come out listing the activities for the day in “Live” and “Own Time” categories. The “Live” activities will be happening at a set time while the “Own Time” ones will be things you can complete whenever you want! Your troop may have some additional activities that are not on the main schedule, but your counselors will be able to guide you to when those are happening. And again – Camp should be first and foremost FUN. It is a lot, and we know it. But the point of camp is not to do EVERYTHING, it’s to do the things YOU want to do. We hope there is something for everyone out there and that you end this weekend feeling like you’ve had camp your own. <3

Those of you who signed up for a cabin should have gotten a link to our Camp Discord server. If you didn’t sign up or missed the link WELL HERE IT IS AGAIN. If you take a wrong turn on the trail, give a holler to us on twitter and we will help you find your way!

Love y’all.

What’s happening at CAMP today?

Live Activities!

Live activities are primarily run out of our camp discord. Times listed are in UTC!

1:00 PM TROOP OASIS All Camp Watch Along: Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle
4:00 PM HANGOUT: Charmbomb Live!
6:00 PM  GAME: Geeky rebus
7:00 PM  HANGOUT: Staff Campfire
1:00 AM WATCH ALONG: Finding Ohana

On Your Own Time!

The Arts & Crafts Shed and the Mess Hall are open! These blog posts will be available all camp (and after!) for you to make and enjoy. Share photos with us at the Camp Grounds!

ARTS & CRAFTS: Create your fish and ball game
ARTS & CRAFTS: Blanket Fort Bunting
ARTS & CRAFTS: Imagination Land Map
MESS HALL: Foil package (Breakfast): French toast

Come to the Camp Grounds!

A lot of camp happens in the camp discord. There you’ll find a lot of other fun stuff during camp like Daily Doodle prompts! A bunch of CYOA and mystery games! Head to the Library to find out more…

Oh – and the Camp Cup may look a little different this year.

And of course GIVEAWAYS! We always have some fun giveaways at camp. Head to the Lost & Found Cabin on discord to enter!

Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the details and to see what’s coming up later this week!

Want to show your camp pride off IRL? We added a bunch of camp merch for you to keep camp in your heart all year round!