IGGPPCamp 2022 Official Schedule 

Times are listed in UTC.

If you need help converting time zones, use this tool or tweet a staffer with questions.

Please check back as this schedule is subject to change!

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Short Schedule

Expanded Schedule – Check back as we add more activities!

Ongoing or Daily Activities

Nurse Buffalo’s Sickbay
Run by Nurse Buffalo
You don’t need to have a magical malady in order to hang out in Nurse Buffalo’s First Aid Sickbay. Each day of camp you’ll find new posts devoted to different areas of health and self-care. Led by Nurse Buffalo, campers will share their favorite healthy snack recipes, cute animal gifs, and affirmations. Check out the IGGPPCamp discord every day for new Sickbay activities and join in the fun!

Care Package Swap (Now closed)
Run by IggleSwaps
Summer camp care packages are boxes chock full of goodies from home, lovingly packed by your families (or in this case, one of your fellow camper iggles.) You can send camp goodies with a geeky twist, or just use this opportunity to shower your recipient with random, fun goodies. Have fun with it! Did you participate? Show off what is in your care package in the first aid cabin!

Urgent Care on Twitter
Run by Nurse Buffalo
Oh, help. Barfing up magical slugs? Jammed your finger in the TARDIS door? Got bitten by a zombie or a vampire or a radioactive spider hiding inside your duffel bag? Or maybe you woke up to a face full of glittery unicorn poo because another troop pranked your cabin? Have no fear, campers! Tweet @iggppcampnurse any time during camp and report your geeky/magical malady. She’s on call to distribute potions, charms, snacks, and adorable puppers to any camper who needs help. Please note: fictional maladies only. The goofier the better. This is honestly just an excuse for Nurse Buffalo to troll everybody. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED >:D

Daily Crafts and Recipes!
Run by IGGPPCamp crew
Head to the Daily Campfire blog post every day for a roundup up of the day’s do-on-your-own activities! We’ve got at least 1 craft project for you each day, plus a camp recipe of the day! Share them with us on the Discord Craft Cabin and Mess Hall chats, or post to social media with #IGGPPCamp! 

The Great Closet Cosplay Challenge
Run by IGGPPCamp Staff

Want a reason to dress up or do a little causal cosplay? Get your fashion fix by taking the closet cosplay challenge with prompts inspired by IGGPPCamp 2022! Share your lewks on social media with #igglescosplay!

Camp Giveaways!
Run by IGGPPCamp staff
Giveaways are happening on the Discord this year, so be sure to check in there!

Daily Doodle and Wellness prompts, and so much more!
Join in all weekend long for troop activities, pop-up cabin games, a choose your own adventure game, giveaways, and lots of fun!

Thursday 18 August

The 2022 IGGPPCamp Cup Begins!
Run by Steena
Troops compete to win bragging rights! In honor of this year’s BASE CAMP theme, the Cup will be hosted a little differently, stay tuned for details at the start of Camp!

Watch Along: Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle – 1p/13:00 UTC
Run by Troop Oasis
Join Troop Oasis in an all camp watch-a-long of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle!

TBD! With your Camp Directors – 4p/16:00 UTC
Run by Directors Jo & Sumsy
What are we going to do? WE DON’T KNOW YET! But there will be fun & festivities!

Geeky Rebus Game – 6p/18:00 UTC
Run by Hélène
Geeky Rebus is back ! You’ll have to guess titles of geeky classic works or characters with picture clues. Join us on the games channel of discord IGGPPCamp or on social media with #GeekyRebus

Camp Staff Welcome Hangout – 7p/19:00 UTC
Run by Camp Staff
Join your IGGPPC Staff as they kick off camp with some games, silliness, and shenanigans! We’ll be telling jokes and answering your questions live, so be sure to tune in to find out what we’re looking forward to most at camp and maybe even a few behind the scenes secrets, too…

Watch Along: Finding Ohana – 1a/01:00 UTC (Fri)
Run by Camp Staff
Come hang out with your IGGPPCamp Directors as we watch this fun update of a camp classic!

Friday 19 August

Camp Dance Party – 4p/16:00 UTC
Run by Iggle Wellness
Come hang out on the Discord while you get your groove on to a Camp themed dance party!

Annual Camp Blind Test (In today’s Daily Campfire!) 
Run by Mathilde
Just like every year, for Summer Camp, listen to musical extracts from geeky movies, and guess from which movie it is from! Can you guess the overall theme?

Watch Along: Jungle Cruise – 7p/19:00 UTC
Run by Camp Staff

Watch Along: Troop Scallywag Muppet Treasure Island – 10p/22:00 UTC
Run by Troop Scallywag

Blanket Fort Wine Night with Camp Director Jo – 1a/01:00 UTC (Sat)
Run by Joanna
Bring a beverage (adult or not, your choice!) and hang out with Director Jo while we chat about topics submitted by you, or answer random questions. The longer we talk, the sillier it gets! 

Saturday 20 August

IggleChat (on Twitter) – 3p/15:00 UTC
Run by Iggle Chat Team
We’ll be talking about camp and fun stuff!

Watch Along TBD – Iggle Flicks! – 4p/16:00 UTC
Run by IggleFlicks

Shadows Game – 6p/18:00 UTC
Run by Mafalda
Can you tell what’s lurking in the shadows?

Watch Along: Troop Toad – Ferngully – 10p/22:00 UTC
Run by Troop Toad

Super S’more’s Taste Test – 1a/01:00 UTC (Sun)
Run by Nurse Buffalo
Join Nurse Buffalo and Camp Director Jo on a magical adventure through all things s’mores-flavored! Will it be silly? Yes. 
Will it get weird? Probably. Will there be way more s’mores flavored things than anybody realized existed? Oh yeah. Will a good time by had by all? Most definitely. 

Sunday 21 August

Blanket Fort & Mimosa Morning – 4p/16:00 UTC
Run by Camp Director Jo
Bring a beverage (adult or not, your choice!) and hang out with Director Jo while we chat about topics submitted by you, or answer random questions. The longer we talk, the sillier it gets!

Ghost Hunting 101 Redux – 7p/19:00 UTC
Run by Sarah

Emoji Sphinx Game – 9p/21:00 UTC
Run by Steena

Watch Along: Duck Tales – 1a/01:00 UTC (Mon)
Run by Steena