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Camp Handbook

Ongoing or Daily* ☀ Thursday Aug. 16 ☀ Friday Aug. 17 ☀ Saturday Aug. 18 ☀ Sunday Aug. 19

  • Times are listed in Central Time (-5 behind GMT which is 0)
  • If you need help converting time zones, use this tool or tweet a staffer with questions.
  • Please check back as this schedule is subject to change!
  • * the asterisk designates an ongoing or daily activity that happens once each day of camp!
  • Find out more about our activity leaders here!

Short Schedule – COMING SOON!

Please see the expanded schedule for times and descriptions!

Expanded Schedule – Check back as we add more activities!

Ongoing or Daily Activities*

First Aid Cabin* (Forum posts)
Run by Nurse Buffalo
You don’t need to have a magical malady in order to hang out in Nurse Buffalo’s First Aid Cabin. Each day of camp you’ll find new posts devoted to different areas of health and self-care. Led by Nurse Buffalo, campers will share their favorite healthy snack recipes, cute animal gifs, and affirmations. Check out the IGGPPCamp forums every day for new First Aid Cabin activities and join in the fun!

Care Package Swap (Now closed)
Run by IggleSwaps
Summer camp care packages are boxes chock full of goodies from home, lovingly packed by your families (or in this case, one of your fellow camper iggles.) You can send camp goodies with a geeky twist, or just use this opportunity to shower your recipient with random, fun goodies. Have fun with it! Did you participate? Show off what is in your care package in the forums!

Urgent Care on Twitter
Run by Nrse Buffalo
Oh, help. Barfing up magical slugs? Jammed your finger in the TARDIS door? Got bitten by a zombie or a vampire or a radioactive spider hiding inside your duffel bag? Or maybe you woke up to a face full of glittery unicorn poo because another troop pranked your cabin? Have no fear, campers! Tweet @iggppcampnurse any time during camp and report your geeky/magical malady. She’s on call to distribute potions, charms, snacks, and adorable puppers to any camper who needs help. Please note: fictional maladies only. The goofier the better. This is honestly just an excuse for Nurse Buffalo to troll everybody like crazy. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED >:D

Camp Doodles
Run by #iggledoodles
Join in on the fun and post your #iggledoodles with a special camp themed challenge!

Tabletop Scavenger Hunt
Run by Sarah 
Start digging through your game closet! We’ve got a quick scavenger hunt challenge brought to you by our Iggle Tabletop Gamers. 

Sunrise Yoga
Run by Amanda
Join Counselor Sadirasan Friday – Sunday as she starts (or ends – time zones are weird) your day with some basic yoga routines.


Thurs. Aug. 16

Camp Sigil Cross Stitch Project(Blog post) [Supplies]
Run by Zoe
Create a cross stitch of the IGGPPCamp logo to display in your tent!

Books On The Run(Blog post)
Run by Kristy
Share your love of books by making the world a library

SDCC Swag Pack(Giveaway)
Run by Joanna
Enter to win a goodie bag of free things Joanna picked up at SDCC!

Camp Staff Welcome (Happening live at 6:30PM CDT) (Rabbit Hangout)
Run by the IGGPPC HQ
Join your IGGPPC Staff as they kick off camp with some games, silliness, and shenanigans! We’ll be telling jokes and answering your questions live, so be sure to tune in to find out what we’re looking forward to most at camp and maybe even a few behind the scenes secrets, too…

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Fri. Aug. 17

Discover Your Super Powers (Blog post) [Supplies]
Run by Kendra
Did you know that you have superpowers? Each of us have unique character strengths that can be used for good or for evil. Let’s discover these together while making out own no-sew masks to hide our secret identities and have reminders of what are super powers are!

Sandy Beach Pudding Cups (Blog post) [Supplies]
Run by Sarah
When you can’t get to beach, the next best thing is bringing the beach to you… and then eat it. Using a popular layering dessert trick, you can easily bring a delicious and less salty version of the beach into your home!

Troop Scavenger Hunt! (Forum post)
Run by Nurse Buffalo & Counselor Sadirasan
Which troop will bring home glory in our annual scavenger hunt???

Shadow Puppets Game (Happening live at 1:00PM CDT) (Social media)
Run by Dittany (Mafalda)
Gather around the fire… Don’t be afraid, this shadows aren’t monsters, or are they?! Muahahahah! They are 12, can you guess them all? Will you be afraid or proud to say their name out loud? Join us! We’ll have a lot of fun, pinkie promise!

Postcard Party! (Happening live at 12PM CDT) (Rabbit Hangout)
Run by the Kacie
Who says writing (or even creating) postcards can’t be a group activity? Join us for a Google Live hangout while we work on prepping some postcards, either for our pen pals, our loved ones, or for Postcrossing! Come with your own post cards, or feel free to create your own during this chill hangout.

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Sat. Aug. 18

Mini-zine Making(Blog post) [Supplies]
Run by Liz
Zines are homemade mini-books/magazines usually reproduced via photocopy and circulated among small groups. Zines can be made by anyone, about anything. Here’s how to get started making your own mini-zines. It’s easy!

#IggleChat (Happening live at 10:00AM CDT) (Social media)
Run by our Prefects
Join us every Saturday at 10AM central on twitter using #IggleChat! It’s our weekly hour of silly questions, lots of laughs, and tons of friends!

Campers’ Mega Video Gaming Session (Happening live at 11a & 7p) (Social Media)
Run by Kacie
Let’s hang out together on Discord (and even YouTube) and play some FREE video games together, no download required! We’ll be LMAO-ing and playing games such as online Cards Against Humanity, the Jackbox Party Pack games, and more!

Geeky Rebus (Happening live at 4:00PM CDT) (Social media)
Run by Hélène
Blind tests are too easy for you ? You can recognize any major geeky classic works with a picture of its universe ? Join us on Twitter and face a new challenge with the Geeky Rebus ! You’ll have to guess titles of geeky classic works with picture clues. #GeekyRebus

Blanket Fort (and Wine) Night (Happening live at 8:00pM CDT) (Rabbit Hangout)
Run by Joanna
Exactly what it sounds like. Wine + blanket fort + live stream = stellar.

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Sun. Aug. 19

Berry Cheesecake Fat Bombs (Blog post) [Supplies]
Run by Sarah
Do you ever feel left out, because you have chosen to be part of a restrictive diet? If you’re part of a Keto or Low-Carb way of life, this is the perfect summer camp treat for you! It’s cool and refreshing while making you feel good about staying on track! A great treat for everyone regardless of your dietary way of life.

Salt Dough Crafts (Blog post) [Supplies]
Run by Zoe
An easy homemade recipe to make ornaments, figurines, jewelry…the sky is the limit!

Blanket Fort (and Mimosa) Morning (Happening live at 12:00pM CDT) (Rabbit Hangout)
Run by Joanna
Couldn’t stay up for our hangout last night? It’s ok! We’re doing one again today!

Blind Test (Video)
Run by Belette (Mathilde)
The geeky Blind Test is back for Summer Camp! Just like last year, everybody can play this game by listening to soundtracks extracts and try to find in which movie they are featured. And if you can’t find anything? You still can play! Those movies have a common theme… the real point of the geeky Summer Camp is to find the theme.

Dungeons and Dragons and Bigfoots, OH MY! (Happening live at 10a & 3p) (Social Media)
Run by Amanda
A one-off D&D session with pre-generated characters. A chance for new and veteran players to have some laughs with their friends and create some fun memories pen and paper game style! Advance sign-up required.

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