IGGPPCamp 2023 Official Schedule

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Expanded Schedule - Check back as we add more activities!


Ongoing Activities

Nurse Buffalo's Sickbay
Run by Nurse Buffalo
You're suddenly barfing up glitter jelly slugs in your cabin - oh no, what's a camper to do?! Drop by Nurse Buffalo's First Aid Sickbay! She's available for all your needs: a cure for a magical malady, a Nurse Excuse Note, ...even a late night radio show devoted to our beloved Captain Farq. Pop in daily to see what silliness she'll prescribe next!

Care Package Swap (Now closed)
Run by IggleSwaps
Summer camp care packages are boxes chock full of goodies from home, lovingly packed by your families (or in this case, one of your fellow camper iggles.) You can send camp goodies with a geeky twist, or just use this opportunity to shower your recipient with random, fun goodies. Have fun with it! Did you participate? Show off what is in your care package in the first aid cabin!

Daily Crafts and Recipes!
Run by IGGPPCamp crew
Head to the Daily Campfire blog post every day for a roundup up of the day's do-on-your-own activities! We've got at least 1 craft project for you each day, plus a camp recipe of the day! Share them with us on the Discord Craft Cabin and Mess Hall chats, or post to social media with #IGGPPCamp! 

The Great Closet Cosplay Challenge
Run by IGGPPCamp Staff
Want a reason to dress up or do a little causal cosplay? Get your fashion fix by taking the closet cosplay challenge with prompts inspired by IGGPPCamp! Share your lewks on social media with #igglescosplay!

Camp Giveaways!
Run by IGGPPCamp staff
Giveaways are happening on the Discord this year, so be sure to check in there!

Daily Doodles, RPing, and so much more!
Join in all weekend long for troop activities, pop-up cabin games, a choose your own adventure gaming, giveaways, and lots of fun!


Thursday 17 August

On Your Own

ARTS & CRAFTS: Time Vortex in a Bottle
Run by Morgan
Travel through time and relax with a sensory bottle craft that will leave you with a visually pleasing way to relieve stress.

ARTS & CRAFTS: Thread Art Shenanigans
Run by Judit
Let's paint some aida cloth and embroider letters and doodles on it! *The possibility of adding beads and sequins is high. Also, ribbons may be used.

MESS HALL: Back to the Future 1955 Pineapple Jell-O in a Can
Run by Steena
This sounds kind of gross, but hear me out...

GAME: CampQuest
Run by Smitty
Do you miss 1980s text-based games like Zork? Probably not, but I've been writing one anyway! Come explore IGGPPCamp -- I promise there won't be a Grue!

Live Activities

WATCHALONG: Time Bandits - 4 pm/16:00 UTC
Run by Camp Staff
Kicking off our time travel camp watchalongs with Terry Gilliam's 1981 family friendly time traveling adventure!

GAME: Paradoxes and Possibilities - 6 pm/18:00 UTC
Run by Smitty
Are you ready for an exciting adventure through time and space? Use your special IGGLE skills to help rescue a fellow camper lost in time! Remember to sign up by Thursday @ 10am PST!

TANGOUT: Camp Staff Welcome - 7 pm/19:00 UTC
Run by Camp Directors
Join your IGGPPC Staff as they kick off camp with some games, silliness, and shenanigans! We'll be telling jokes and answering your questions live, so be sure to tune in to find out what we're looking forward to most at camp and maybe even a few behind the scenes secrets, too...

WATCHALONG: Dr Who - 1 am/01:00 UTC (Fri)
Run by Iggleflicks
You were expecting this one, right?

Friday 18 August

On Your Own

ARTS & CRAFTS: PaintAlong
Run by Caitlan
You know it, you love it! Its time again for..... THE PAINT ALONG! You know.... where you paint...along... with me! This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of IGGPPCamp!

ARTS & CRAFTS: Making IGGPPCamp Cabin Bracelets & Badges
Run by Elise
Alpha patterns have a really versatile weaving system which translate into different craft activities - from friendship bracelets to key chains and badges.

MESS HALL: Pizza Clocks
Run by Merissa
Who doesn't have time for pizza?

GAME: Camp Journal Game
Run by Rhiannon
Let fate decide your IGGPPCamp adventure with this cosy solo journaling game! Bring a deck of cards if you dare.

Live Activities

GAME: Geeky Rebus Game - 4 pm/16:00 UTC
Run by Hélène
Geeky Rebus is back ! You'll have to guess titles of geeky classic works or characters with picture clues. Join us on the games channel of discord IGGPPCamp or on social media with #GeekyRebus

GAME: Annual Camp Blind Test - 5 pm/17:00 UTC
Run by Mathilde
Just like every year, for Summer Camp, listen to musics extracts from geeky movies and guess from which movie it is from… The twist is this year, you’ll also have to put them all in chronological order: sort them by release date without looking on the Internet for an answer !

LIVE GAMING! - 7 pm/19:00 UTC
Run by Smitty
Join us for an afternoon of virtual board games on BoardGameArena! We'll be trying out some traditional camp activities -- or near enough. You'll need a BoardGameArena account to join!

WATCHALONG: TROOP 13 HOST - Time After Time - 10 pm/22:00 UTC
Run by Troop 13
T̷̮̺̜̖̽̅́̐B̴̗͎̓̓́̈̌D̶̡̨̪̣͉̬͌͒͜ ̸͕͍̠̜̓̒͌͛́l̵̛̰̹͒͌́̋̌̀͐͠ơ̵̭͂̇̄̂ȧ̴̟̭̲̞̲̜̤͈ͅd̵͈̘͍̻́͜i̴͓̪̟̱̥̥͔̱͗̀͘n̵̙̼̩̯̠̽͐̊͛ĝ̶̖̭̕ ̷̲̗̣̺̜̮̟͗̐̍̽̈̕͠i̵͔̙̞͉̝̙̐̅́̋̀̎͂ṇ̸̗͔̯͆̔̂͗́̚̚͜f̵̤̜̟̿̂ó̸͖̤̪́͗̏̕

HANGOUT: Blanket Fort Wine Night (with a special guest!) - 12 am/0:00 UTC (Sat)
Run by Camp Director Joanna
Bring a beverage (adult or not, your choice!) and hang out with Director Jo (and mystery guest) while we chat about topics submitted by you, or answer random questions. The longer we talk, the sillier it gets!

Saturday 19 August

On Your Own

ARTS & CRAFTS: Paper Theater
Run by Dale
A theater made of paper! With a few supplies and some imagination, you can create a cute set, a couple of characters, and put on a show for your fellow campers! You'll be on your own for the funny voices, though.

ARTS & CRAFTS: Create Your Own IGGLE Scout Sash!
Run by Rizz
Have you ever wanted to create your own scout-style sash showing off your glorious camp achievements? Maybe you’ve seen the camp badges and wanted to get creative with them. Or, maybe, you’re thinking, “Wow! I’ve never thought of that and now I need to do it!!” Well, now here’s your chance!

MESS HALL: Time Lord Tini
Run by Rachel
Shake or stir things up with this easily customizable beverage in honor of Doctor Who. Who knows? Maybe it’s bigger on the inside!

ACTIVITY: Time Camp-sule
Run by Indy
Put together a time capsule for your future camper self!

Live Activities

IggleChat - Camp Edition- 3 pm/15:00 UTC
Run by Kim
Grab a snack and beverage of choice and settle in for some fun camp-related chit-chat with Counselor Peachy!

GAME: Shadows Game - 4 pm/16:00 UTC
Run by Mafalda
Can you tell what's lurking in the shadows?

GAME: Your Earliest Photo - 6 pm/18:00 UTC
Run by Katerina
When the clock starts, and you'll receive a simple prompt (e.g. pets, garden, or house) and all participants must scramble through their picture archives to find the first photo they took of that prompt. This is not a real competition, though, so no matter your photography skills or time constraints, everybody wins!

Campfire Book Club - 7 pm/19:00 UTC
Run by Smitty
Join us for a special camp edition of Silent Book Club! Bring your favorite camp read and the cozy beverage of your choice.

Gamernoon @ Camp! - 8:30 pm/20:30 UTC
Run by Sarah
T̸̨͍̗͔̱͑̓̔͠B̴̧̮̩̠͍͎̬̏̕Ḍ̶̡͖̪̱̲̮͕̘̞̃̅́̃̓͗̍̐̆̄̑̇̕̕ ̸̡̦̜͇͈͖̙̲͌͋͑͑͊͂̓͝l̷͇̹͉̀̾̓̉̾̔̆͛̾͝ǫ̸̩̗͚̦̠͓͙̘̮̼̬̫̙̆̂̈́ͅa̴̦̪̝̦̘̓d̷͙͉͙̰͇̤̳̞͚̫̂́́̕͜͜͠i̶̧̧̬̳̠̼̦̪͍͗̎̓͆̏͌̒͂̀͐́͜ͅņ̷̛̛͔͓̱̲͕̩̖̬̳͔̱̃̆̇̍́̇͊͌͠͠͠ͅģ̷̧͓̥͈̙͔̠͕̹̲̺̜̳̿̋̊̈́̿̿̓̎̚͘ ̵̡̟̼̩̥̜̣̞̳̬͍̥̜͈̀̎̈́̿̀̐̅̄̿́͒̌̂͜͝͝i̶̛͙̝͇̖͎̘̊͐͗͒̐̑̅̈́̓͒͊͆̀͝ņ̸̮͓̣͚͙͗̆̊̀̾͋̀f̶̟̯̫̀ǒ̸̧̤̜̫͇͖̟̗̠̲̫̦̔

WATCHALONG TROOP MEMORY HOST - The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe - 10 pm/22:00 UTC
Run by Troop Memory
T̷̮̺̜̖̽̅́̐B̴̗͎̓̓́̈̌D̶̡̨̪̣͉̬͌͒͜ ̸͕͍̠̜̓̒͌͛́l̵̛̰̹͒͌́̋̌̀͐͠ơ̵̭͂̇̄̂ȧ̴̟̭̲̞̲̜̤͈ͅd̵͈̘͍̻́͜i̴͓̪̟̱̥̥͔̱͗̀͘n̵̙̼̩̯̠̽͐̊͛ĝ̶̖̭̕ ̷̲̗̣̺̜̮̟͗̐̍̽̈̕͠i̵͔̙̞͉̝̙̐̅́̋̀̎͂ṇ̸̗͔̯͆̔̂͗́̚̚͜f̵̤̜̟̿̂ó̸͖̤̪́͗̏̕

Run by Camp Director Summer
Who's ready to watch this 1989 CLASSIC time travel movie? Haven't heard of it before you say? That sounds about right. This was one of Summer's favorite childhood movies that never made it into the 21st century. (This is a digitized copy of a VHS tape. No captioning is available.)

Sunday 20 August

On Your Own

ARTS & CRAFTS: Visible Mending
Run by Lianne
Want to repair your favorite piece of clothing? Learn some simple ways to start visibly mending your clothing.

ARTS & CRAFTS: Secret Code Bracelets
Run by Beth
Have you ever been traveling and forgotten the password to start you time machine? Do you wish you had a little something to keep you grounded when things get too wibbly-wobbly? Look no further than these coded bracelets! Any message you want can be just an arm's length away.

MESS HALL: Orange Creamsicle Cookies
Run by Joanna
These cookies are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

GAME: The Pirate Queen of Four Shadow Island
Run by Smitty
Every camper has heard of the Legendary Pirate Queen, the very first IGGLE, but is her vast fortune really hidden on the mysterious Four Shadow Island? Bring your puzzle-solving skills and join everyone's favorite library bear on a virtual treasure hunt to find out!

Live Activities

HANGOUT: Iggle Souvenir - 9am /09:00 UTC
Run by Hélène & Meike
IGGPPCamp already gave us good memories. Let's chat about them, about IGGPPC friendship and let's travel to the beginning of our adventure together ! With coffee, tea or any beverage appropriate your time, get comfy and hang with us for an hour.

WATCHALONG TROOP VORTEX Land of the Lost- 1 pm/13:00 UTC
Run by Troop Vortex
Yes, it's a time travel movie.

HANGOUT: Blanket Fort & Mimosa Morning - 4 pm/16:00 UTC
Run by Camp Director Jo
Bring a beverage (adult or not, your choice!) and hang out with Director Jo while we chat about topics submitted by you, or answer random questions. The longer we talk, the sillier it gets!

GAME: Bring Your Own Book-A Game of Borrowed Phrases (aka the book game!) - 6 pm/18:00 UTC
Run by Casey
Apples to apples for bookworms! Players will be given prompts and have a few minutes to find a word, phrase, or passage from a book that fits the prompt.

HANGOUT: MREs with Joanna & Kara - 7 pm/19:00 UTC
Run by Director Jo & Nurse Buffalo
What's more CAMP-TASTIC than camp food? PRESERVED CAMP FOOD. Join Director Jo and Camp Nurse Kara as they travel back in time (sort of) to try actual military MREs, live on camera. Will it be good? Probably not. Will it be entertaining? Definitely.

Camp Dance Party - 9 pm/21:00 UTC
Run by Iggle Wellness
Come hang out on the Discord while you get your groove on to a Camp themed dance party!

WATCHALONG Palm Springs - 1 am/01:00 UTC (Mon)
Run by Lore Coordinator Steena
She promises it won't make you cry.

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