Cup and ball games are simple yet addictive games, that’s why I want to show you how to make one, but with a twist! What’s more fun than a cup and ball game ? A fish monster and ball game, of course.

Supplies for the project are arrayed on a white surface, including orange paper, a pair of scissors, a bear, string with a large needle, adhesive tape, glue, and a marker


  • cardboard / thick paper (at least 2 square of 15*15cm or 20*20cm + 1 bit of paper for the tail)
  • a big bead (wood or plastic, something light)
  • a string
  • a needle
  • glue (optional: double-face adhesive tape)
  • pinking scissors and normal scissors
  • adhesive tape
  • marker / beady eyes / stickers to decorate the fish
  • Optional : a printer to print the tail, but you can also draw your own

Fish and Ball Game Instructions:

First you have to fold the squared sheets of paper in half, from one corner to the opposite. Then you fold the corner of the paper to the center again to create the form of a kite.

6 images of folding the orange paper into a cup shape by the instructions

Now that you have both papers folded, you can use the craft scissors to cut the edge of the small triangles as you can see in the pictures… It will be the teeth of your fish!

Use the glue on the flapping panes of your “kite” and then turn them to a cone: paper cone 1 should have the glue on the outside of the panes and paper cone 2 should have the glue on the inside. Use the glue on every inch of paper of the panes.

4 images of the process of gluing the orange paper cone into place

When you glue both paper cones together, paper cone 1 will be on the inside and paper cone 2 will wrap the other cone on the outside. The triangle “teeth” ends should be across from one another, not stacked (to make the mouth).

Once the big paper cone you just made is safely glued and dry, you can use adhesive tape to secure it.

Take the bead and tie it with a string. Measure the string length so make sure it’s not bigger than twice the size of the fish.

a series of images using the needle to punch through the paper cone and attach the bead on the string

Use a needle to put the string through the pointy end of the cone. Use adhesive tape to tie the end of the string to the cone.

It’s time to decorate the fish! You’ll have to cut and glue the tail (double face adhesive tape is easier than glue in my opinion) first. You can find a tail model here for inspiration or printing, or you can draw your own design.

adding eyes to the fish-shaped paper cup so it looks like a cute fishy with a big open mouth

Then draw the fish some eyes, or glue beady eyes, and use a marker or stickers to make the scales; let’s be creative!

Once everything is dry, the fish is ready to play: try to make the fish eat the bead tied to the string, using only one hand that holds the fish. Too easy? Press the head of the fish to close its mouth and do not open the mouth until you’ve thrown the bead.

completed fish game! a hand holds a paper fish with an open "mouth" in front of a green leafy background

Have fun but be careful! Play with your head far from the fish to avoid injuries (or go see Nurse Buffalo if you hurt yourself!)

a person wearing a pink top plays with the fish and ball paper toy in front of a green leafy background

Contributed by Mathilde aka Camper Belette
Mathilde lives in France, where she never went to “colonie de vacances” but had a lot of adventures in the woods on her own. She is waiting all year long for IGGPPC Summer Camp, because it’s her favourite time of the year! She loves cinema, science-fiction, crafting, Disney, stargazing and meeting new friends! You can find her on Twitter @EiTHELEEN.