Every year when I sit down to write these daily posts I’m hit with a strong wave of gratitude, nostalgia, and happiness. Believe it or not (I did not believe it. Joanna had to do a lot of convincing) this is our TENTH IGGPPCamp. Outside of the campgrounds my life has changed so much in the past decade, but camp has always been a fun weekend of adventure and friendship to come back to.

Our activity leaders, counselors, and the entire staff have dedicated so much time and passion to make this camp a reality over the past few months. When you run into them this weekend, be sure to give them a massive THANKS!

For all our returning campers – WELCOME BACK! We keep doing this year after year because y’all are so invested in making camp be the awesome weekend it is.

New to camp? HI WELCOME! We know camp can feel like an overwhelming experience, but we always encourage new campers to take their time, try new things, and stay hydrated! If you get lost or need advice – PLEASE! Reach out to us. Camp is supposed to be a fun and relaxing escape. Everyone is so helpful and willing to point a new camper in the right direction!


Each day I will have a post for you with the rundown of the day’s activities, split into “Live” and “Own Time” options. The “Live” stuff will have specific times that they are happening, while the “Own Time” activities are totally flexible – do them whenever suits you best! Your troop might have extra activities not on this list, but your awesome counselors will fill you in on when those are happening.

Camp is your chance to have a total blast. Don’t worry about cramming in every activity – just do what feels right for you! We’ve made sure there’s something cool for everyone, so by the weekend’s end, you’ll have your own incredible camp memories. Enjoy every minute of it! <3

Those of you who signed up for a cabin should have gotten a link to our Camp Discord server. If you didn’t sign up or missed the link WELL HERE IT IS AGAIN.


What’s happening at CAMP today?

Live Activities!

4:00 PM UTC WATCHALONG: Time Bandits

6:00 PM UTC GAMING: Paradoxes and Possibilities

7:00 PM UTC HANGOUT: Tang-a-long

1:00 AM UTC WATCHALONG: Iggleflicks Pick!

On Your Own Time!

Craft Cabin

Time Vortex Sensory Bottles
Thread Art Shenanigans

Mess Hall

Throw Back Jello

Game Shed

InfoCamp Game

What’s today’s Costume Cosplay prompt?

⌛Time Traveler Chic ⌛
Show us what you’d wear to go on a timey wimey adventure, or do an everyday cosplay of a favorite fictional time traveler!

Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the event details and to see what’s coming up later this week! Don’t forget we also have daily doodle prompts, giveaways, role playing, blanket forts and more on the discord!

Want to show your camp pride off IRL? We added a bunch of camp merch for you to keep camp in your heart all year round!