Alright, the time has come campers – you have to pack up your bags and leave the campgrounds. 🙁 DON’T WORRY! Camp will live on all year in our hearts, and your bunk will be waiting for you again next year!

But before you swoop through the time flux back to your own reality, make sure to swap emails/addresses with your new camp pals! It’s a good way to stay connected now that our camp journey has come to an end. Oh, and just a quick heads-up: remember to give your bunk a nice tidy-up before you say your goodbyes!

Don’t want camp to end? You can get camp merch from our zazzle store. Proceeds help keep the IGGPPC site running!

But most importantly…THANK YOU!

This is the TENTH IGGPPCamp. Like I said on Day One, this is a bittersweet event for me. Every year has been a completely different and exciting journey for me. This year I spent more time that usual digging through past activities, photos, and planning docs. The theme of time travel for this camp was no coincidence. This past decade has been such a wild ride both for me personally and throughout the world. Camp has grown, changed, and thrived in this uncertain environment. The IGGPPCampgrounds are a safe and sacred place for campers across the globe to come together and just escape it all. Whether you stopped in for a moment or the whole weekend, I hope camp was able to brighten your day and bring joy to your heart.

A big shoutout to the IGGPPC team working their magic behind the scenes to keep everything running like a well-oiled machine.

And don’t forget to thank our AMAZING counselors and activity leaders – they bring the creativity, time, and passion that makes camp a total blast for all of us.

AND FINALLY, a huge high-five to all the campers who joined in on the fun. Seriously, your trust in our wacky little idea of making a virtual summer camp for awesome folks around the world means everything to us.

I can’t wait for camp every year because I get to see friendships sparking, creativity exploding, and, thanks to craft pics and those late-night (or early-morning) convos, I get to put some faces to some seriously cool people.

So while we are closing up the campgrounds for now, I will continue to live with the camp spirit in my heart through the rest of the year! (Besides – now we get to start planning Hallowiggles!)

TIME FLUX GOT YOU DOWN? Did you just stumble into the campsite now?

DON’T WORRY! All our blog posts will still be here, and the discord will be open through next week for you to say your goodbyes!

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