It’s the last day of camp, but don’t worry we still have tons planned today! A few quick safety notes – all campers should make sure to drink plenty of water, reapply sunscreen regularly, and report all time disturbances to the camp directors IMMEDIATELY. I don’t want to loose any more campers into the abyss of the time continuum.

What’s happening at CAMP today?

Live Activities!

9:00 AM UTC HANGOUT: Iggle Souvenir

1:00 PM UTC WATCHALONG: Troop Vortex Hosts – Land of the Lost

4:00 PM UTC HANGOUT: Blanket Fort & Mimosa Morning

6:00 PM UTC GAME: The Book Game

7:00 PM UTC HANGOUT: MREs with Joanna & Kara

9:00 PM UTC HANGOUT: Camp Dance Party

1:00 AM UTC WATCHALONG: Palm Springs

On Your Own Time!

Craft Cabin

Visible Mending
Code Bracelets

Mess Hall

Tang Cookies

Game Shed

Time Cyphers Game

What’s today’s Costume Cosplay prompt?

DAY FOUR: Troop Pride!
Create a look based on your Troop’s theme! If you aren’t in a troop, choose any of the three to inspire you!

Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the event details and to see what’s coming up later this week! Don’t forget we also have daily doodle prompts, giveaways, role playing, blanket forts and more on the discord!

Want to show your camp pride off IRL? We added a bunch of camp merch for you to keep camp in your heart all year round!