Are you super hungry after all that swimming and hiking??? Do you wish you could eat a steamy, gooey, cheesy pizza??? YOU CAN! No, please, I’m not talking about calling to pizza delivery!!! You are in the middle of nowhere! You can make your own pizza by the fire! Yes, you can! Pinkie promise! You just need to have a few ingredients and a wrack/skillet to put on top of your fire.

But how are you doing the dough??? You aren’t. We are going to be creative and use bread or wraps for our base. Simple, right? And super easy.

Are you ready to start this pizza camp night?


  • Tomatoes (fresh)


  • Tomato puree (jar)
  • Cheese
  • Sausages (can)
  • Peppers (fresh)
  • Tuna (can)
  • Pineapple (can)
  • Onions (fresh)
  • Herbs (dry)
  • Chorizo
  • Bread


  • Wraps

Let’s do this:

The ingredients I’m using for mine are bread, tomato puree, cheese, chorizo and tuna.

First you need to choose what will be your base, bread or wraps, or you can go crazy and use both!!!! Start by adding the tomato puree, or you can use fresh tomatoes sliced.

Then you add the cheese, finishing with the toppings that you choose to use.

Next you just have to have a slow fire, please be careful, you can’t have high flames, because you will burn the bread/wrap. If by anything, the bottom starts to burn, you can use a sheet of aluminum foil for protection if you don’t have a skillet.

Yay! Pizza Night!

Also, if you are simply at home, you can do it on your BBQ, the flavor will be awesome, smoky, don’t do it on your oven, you will love this one. Also, you will probably be using real pizza dough, in this case, you would roll your dough, then put on the wrack/skillet, wait a few minutes, or when it starts bubbling, and then you turn your dough. Only now you can start adding all your ingredients, to the side that is pre-cooked.

Simply like that.

How awesome this is?

Show us pictures of your creations and tell what ingredients that you are using and how.
If you have any questions, let us know.

Dittany aka @JustCombined