All campers report! SOMEONE dumped bubble bath into the swimming hole and now it is covered in bubbles. There were strange hoof prints and taco crumbs leading away from the scene of the crime. Any leads, please report them on twitter.

Activity Time!

What’s cooking in the mess hall today? We are making some Grilled Pizzas with Mafalda for dinner tonight!

In the Arts & Crafts shed, Sarah is teaching us how to make Finger-Weving Friendship Bracelets to send home with all our new friends!

Can you guess the tune? Our camp classic Blind Test is back – bigger and better than ever! Play along, then head to the forums to submit your answers.

Let’s get some Self Care!

Are you feeling a bit drab after all this camp? Primrose will show you how to make DIY Facial Toner Spray to get you back in the game!

Then at 1p CDT, join our very own Nurse Buffalo as she leads you on a Self Care Hangout! (Bonus: More on Mindfulness & Resources)

Stress relief coloring pages drawn by iggle artists will continue to be available after camp, in this very blog post. To see them, click the following: page 1 by Lifeguard Tater, page 2 by Staffer Em Silverlock, and page 3 by Nurse Buffalo.

Camp Chatter

At 4p CDT it’s time for another round of Iggles Against Humanity! Stay tuned to our Twitter account for more info!

Finishing out the day, at 10p CDT it’s time for a Where the Wild Things Are watch-a-long! Follow @IggleFlicks and use #iggleswatch to tweet along with the crew!

One final mail call, campers! Nurse Buffalo (who runs both the camp mail room and the First Aid Cabin) has one final swap for IGGPPCamp 2017. It is the Camp-Themed Zine Swap! Remember, this swap is only open for 24 hours.

We hope you’ve had a lot of fun. Get stoked for the mail coming to you later this month!!

Don’t forget to check out all the other fun stuff (like puppies and scavenger hunts!) happening at the First Aid Cabin!

Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the details and to see what’s coming up later this week!

What does your cabin have planed for today? Are you Troop Lovegood, Troop Invictus, or Troop Chimera?

And Remember…