Who doesn’t have time for pizza? There are few foods more delicious or versatile. It’s much easier to bend these clocks to suit your tastes than it is to bend time.

ingredients laid out on a counter including tortillas, cheese, pizza sauce, and assorted peppers

Pizza Clocks Supplies:

  • Pizza Base of Your Choice (suggestions: Pre-made Pizza Crust, Tortilla, Naan, whatever you like best)
  • Your Favorite Sauce
  • Melty Cheese (Mozzarella is traditional, but use what you like best)
  • Assorted Toppings (veggies, proteins, again whatever you like best. It’s helpful if you pick things that you can cut into shapes.
  • Tools: Baking sheet or piece of aluminum foil, knife to cut up toppings, something to spread the sauce, oven.

Pizza Clocks Instructions:

1) Set your oven to 400F (205C)

2) Place your base on the baking sheet.

two different pizza bases on foil: one is a tortilla, one is a mini pizza crust. both have red sauce and shredded cheese spread across them

3) Spread your sauce on the base and sprinkle the cheese on top of the sauce.

4) Choose a time to set your clock to. Cut your toppings to the shapes that you need for the face of the clock.

two pizzas with toppings placed to look like clocks. one is analog, using peppers to make the time approximately 11:35; the other is "digital" using onions to write out "8:15"

5) Put your toppings where you want them on your pizza.

6) Bake the pizza until your desired doneness. I had mine in the oven for 18 minutes.

both pizzas are now cooked, the cheese a golden brown

7) Enjoy!

Contributed by Merissa
Merissa can be found during the day behind a library circulation desk. After work she’s reading Lord of the Rings and old mystery stories, taking care of horses, and knitting.