Whether you’re piloting the Tardis, it’s whisking you away through a snarl of timey wimey intergalactic fun, or you’re a very BAD WOLF, every time lord needs a refreshing beverage to keep them hydrated on their adventures. This easily customizable recipe is designed to do just that—add a bit of luxury, flair, and liquid to your time travel experience. Because fezzes (and beverages!) are cool.

Time Lord Tini Ingredients:

martini ingredients including pear juice, kombucha, and sparking water

  • 1-2 fruit juices of choice (apple, grape, etc. I’ve been loving a natural beet and berry juice lately!)
  • fizzies, if you like bubbles (soda or tonic water, your favorite flavored water thing, kombucha, champagne, Prosecco, whatever floats your boat!)
  • spirit of choice, if not already using some bubbly (omit for the mock tail version or simply add in a splash of bitters/flavored simple syrup)
  • fruit to garnish

Time Lord Tini Instructions:

Just as nearly every episode of Great British Bake Off suggests, it’s always good to start with your mise-en-place. Assemble your ingredients using the supply list as a guide. A good rule of timelord thumb is to follow this general formula: something fizzy, something fruity, something with a bit of a kick. The proportions are up to you, but for a sweeter drink, lean into adding fruit juice, muddled fruits, or soda. For something on the drier side (my personal preference, one far better than fish sticks and custard I might add) lean into the fizz.

Add some ice and fruit to your glass, then a splash of fruit juice or kombucha, spirits if they suit your fancy, and finish off with your favorite fizzy soda water, champagne, or whatever else floats your boat. Give it a swirl and enjoy!

Two of my favorites: lemonade with some peach, a splash of ginger kombucha, and lots of fizzy water; blueberry kombucha with pear juice and basil (both shown in the photos)

two drinks that are different shades of pink with metal straws

You can mix and match your flavors, fizzies, and other add-ins as you please. But, if you see a weeping angel statue while you mix: DON’T BLINK!

Contributed by Rachel
Camper Stitch Witch (aka Professor Stitch Witch, or Rachel) lives with her partner, cocker spaniel, fluffy tuxedo cat, and lop eared bunny in a 1950s-era ranch house with raised beds and a future she shed our back. If she’s not weaving at her loom or spinning yarn, you can find her making soft sculptures, teaching art history to university students, or out in the garden.