If ever there were a time for more Kindness, this is it. This month’s theme, Friendship is Magic, is in honor of World Kindness Day, which is today! This is an internationally recognized holiday that began in 1998 and is celebrated by countries around the world. It’s a day to spread kindness like glitter, whether through acts of charity, compassion, or just small acts of kindness toward friends, family, and strangers. Many people use World Kindness Day for a day of service, or a day to raise funds for organizations that help other people around the world.

Kindness isn’t just something that happens on a large scale, though. Kindness starts with you and me and all the things we can do for one another and the people around us, either online or IRL.

We’re going to share some Acts of Kindness from our community members, and encourage you to do something kind for one another today, too!

Farquharson: For those in any doubt about joining the #IGGPPC community let me show you how truly spectacular it is… After my hip replacement surgery, I received two envelopes full of cards wishing me well in my recovery and each card had a tiny paper bone with ‘Team Farquharson’ written on it! I cannot express fully how much this warmed my robot soul and it did make me leak a bit of oil from my laser eyes. Thank you so much to everyone who sent me cards, and especially to Kara who orchestrated the whole bloody thing! I was grateful, overwhelmed and speechless (well almost).

Kim: My favorite thing to do is Random Acts of Art…I am always making little things, and they tend to stack up. What good is art if it can’t be enjoyed?! So I make up little tags basically saying “You’ve found a Random Act of Art! Take me home, I’m yours!” I leave an email address that I’ve set up specifically for this in case the folks who find them want to tell me where/when/etc. It’s so much fun to read about how it made someone’s day, or how they’re going to pay it forward.

Anonymous: The huge thing that came to mind for me is insanely personal, but I️ just keep thinking about it because to me it’s a powerful message about how we can show kindness and empathy in our jobs (which sadly is like 75 % of our lives). I️ had two ultrasounds last month, within three days. The lady that did the first one happened to be there for the second one as well. My partner was with me when we saw that we were pregnant and he was with me three days later when we saw that I’d had a complete miscarriage.
This wonderful ultrasound tech was happy with us the first day and on the 2nd as I️ stood there crying and talking to the really nice lady who did that scan she stopped what she was working on and came around the corner to hug me. A stranger.
That tiny act of kindness meant everything in that moment. Even with my main support person there.

Friendship across continents: Want more friendship and community kindness? IGGPPC members sent candy to Emma and Kara, who hung out and tried all of the candies together. If that doesn’t embody the IGGPPC community, I don’t know what does.

Be kind to one another, and remember that small gestures make a world of difference.

Places to make a difference for World Kindness Day:

  • The Random Acts of Kindness organization has ideas for things to do for World Kindness Day
  • World Builders is raising money this month for Heifer International
  • Sponsor a Geek Girl Brunch Do Better Campaign for your local chapter (Several have events happening now!)
  • Donate blood! This is an ongoing need, and you can donate every three months or so.
  • Send happy mail! A simple postcard can arrive at just the right time to brighten someone’s entire week.
  • Post Pals: send a card or letter to a sick child in the UK from anywhere in the world