Edit, 3/2/17: “Think good vibes” was renamed to “Think community” and updated to clarify what kind of secrets are allowed.

Can you believe our amazing community is officially four years old? To celebrate, here’s a little project for everyone to participate in. Calling all postcard enthusiasts and Secret Keepers: this one’s right up your alley!

In 2005 Frank Warren launched the wildly successful PostSecret website. This project encourages people to write postcards to anonymously dish dirt about anything they want to get off their chests. Website visitors have been drawn by the thousands to fascinating submissions that feature goofy stories, wistful observations, dark thoughts, well wishes, regrets, advice readers might relate to… and much more.

This special IGGPPC birthday project, dubbed Iggle Secret, takes a cue from PostSecret. In the last four years, amazing, funny, and surprising events have transpired, all because our internet niche united around a love of snail mail and geekdoms. Tell us your secrets.

How Will Iggle Secret Work?

  • You’ll have from March 1 through March 14 to mail in postcards via snail mail. The address to send your secrets to is hidden in our forums. Go to the Mail Call section and click on the thread with a title that is awesomely aliterated.
  • IMPORTANT! After mailing your secret, let us know to expect something from you by filling out this Google Form. (Your identity won’t be tracked.)
  • YES! You can send multiple postcards!
  • In the last week of March, a blog post will showcase everyone’s postcard secrets.

Think eye-catching.

Check out the PostSecret site for decorating ideas. We encourage: covering a postcard with washi or doodles, piecing words together like a ransom note, lots of stickers. But no pressure – you can also just jot down your secret and send it in plain.

Think community.

We’ve forged connections over a common unironic enthusiasm for all things geeky and beyond! Have you had interesting discoveries, made poignant memories, or learned lessons? Tell us. We’ll also accept secrets relating to snail mail and people or things found via IGGPPC. (Friendships! Mishaps! Brags! Unlikely incidents! Praises!)

If you have something to share that you think fellow iggles will relate to, but it doesn’t reference the club or letters, we’ll take it! Geeky secrets, references to pop culture, and general life insights are welcome.

Remember: this site is visited by geeks of all ages. Malicious secrets are not acceptable.

Think anonymous.

Want to drop hints about who you are? Cool. Prefer anonymity? We’ll respect that – all postmarks will be blurred out.

If you have questions or concerns, tweet @asdfghkara or send an anon email to apraisekaras(at)gmail(dot)com.

Happy secret sharing!

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