Happy Our Birth Month, wonderful snail mail lovers of the world! In celebration of IGGPPC’s birthday last year, there was a call for iggles to share their secrets. Inspired by the legendary Post Secret project, we asked iggles to spill their guts anonymously, via postcard. We received a small treasure trove of funny and candid insight into what makes our community tick, and the time has come to showcase them for all to see.

Freeze frame. Record scratch. Back up a sentence and – you read that right. These postcards were sent in celebration of our birthday LAST YEAR. That brings us to our first secret.

Iggle Secret #0

Yep, it’s been a hot minute – a hot 525,600 minutes – since these pieces of mail were collected. Sincere apologies for the delay. (Side note, it’s a bit scary how quickly a whole year flew by!) It’s important that all project participants have their thoughts shared with the world as promised, so here they all are. Since the idea of the project is to give everyone a place to divulge whatever they want without their identities revealed, postmarks and other sensitive information were marked out.

Iggle Secret #1

Iggle Secret #2

Iggle Secret #3

Iggle Secret #4

Iggle Secret #5


Iggle Secret #6

That’s all, folks. Thanks to all who took the time to whip up a secret for this project. We want to hear your thoughts in the comments. What surprised you, made you laugh, or maybe made you go, “me too”?

Also, comment below if you’d like to see another round of this project (although with a much prompter showcase post this time around!)