19 08, 2023

IGGPPCamp 2023: Paper Theater Craft

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Like to build things out of paper? Miss playing with dolls? Have a story you want to tell? You can do all three with a tiny paper theater! The instructions may seem long, but once you start putting it together, you’ll see just how easy it is. Later you can even add even more characters or more scenery, and create a tiny play for every season!

19 08, 2023

IGGPPCamp 2023: Time Lord Tini Cocktail (or Mocktail )

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Whether you’re piloting the Tardis, it’s whisking you away through a snarl of timey wimey intergalactic fun, or you’re a very BAD WOLF, every time lord needs a refreshing beverage to keep them hydrated on their adventures. This easily customizable recipe is designed to do just that—add a bit of luxury, flair, and liquid to your time travel experience. Because fezzes (and beverages!) are cool.