It’s DAY TWO of IGGPPCamp 2021 and we are so pumped to go running into the lake at full speed! Have you settled into your bunk yet? Let us know on twitter if you prefer the top or bottom bunk and who your cabin bunkmate is this year! I hope they don’t snore!

DON’T FORGET! THE CAMP CUP STARTS TODAY! Don’t know what that is? Head to your cabin to find out more!

What’s happening at CAMP today?


Live Activities!

Another exciting day at camp. We only have a few live events today, but look forward to a lot more live events going into the weekend! I highly recommend checking out the full camp schedule for more info about these awesome events and to use this tool to convert times into your time zone! Most live events with happen in the Camp Discord or on the Camp Twitter. If they are happening on another platform, we will post the links to join us there!

(Fri) 16:00 UTC Daily Gaming – Love Letter
(Fri) 21:00 UTC Watch-a-long: IggleFlicks Community Vote!
(Sat) 01:00 UTC Blanket Fort & Wine Night Hangout

On Your Own Time!

In the ARTS & CRAFTS shed we are doing a Critter Mix and Match with Kate as well as a Portraits of Legends craft with Katherine! Over in the MESS HALL our S’MORE OF THE DAY is a tasty S’mores Cake Recipe with Mafalda and finish your baking off with some Bannock Bread lead by Sarah! Oh, and in the DIVINATION TOWER you can learn a simple tarot card reading!

BONUS: A New Charm Bomb episode is out today! Yes, it’s all about CAMP.

And join us in the Camp Discord! For our Daily Wellness Activity we will be doing a Superhero Workout and our Daily Writing challenge is for the Bards of IGGPPCamp. Plus don’t forget to check out our Daily Divination with Camper Science Nut & Board Game of the Day with Lore Coordinator Steena!

It’s time for BOOK OF THE DAY with IggleBookWorms!

Troop Quest! Heroes and villains, journeys and adventures! From Gilgamesh to Mordor, there have been quests in books for thousands of years, and we still want more. Travel with a Mayan god in Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Or walk with a group of bandits in Zen Cho’s The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water. What are your favourite fictional quests? Let us know here and head over to the IGGPPC book club @IggleBookWorms on Twitter.


Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the details and to see what’s coming up later this week!

Want to show your camp pride off IRL? We added a bunch of camp merch for you to keep camp in your heart all year round!