HAPPY SECOND DAY OF CAMP! Did your bunkmate snore last night? Or was it the strange rustling in the trees that kept you up all night? Let me know on twitter, and either way – coffee is ready in the Mess Hall.

Activity Time!

Did you miss the Opening Campfire live streams? You can watch them both HERE and HERE!

Troop 626 has taken over the Arts & Crafts shed with some Lanyard Making. And we are cooking up Skewers for lunch in the Mess Hall. You can also grab your sleeping bag and head to the woods were we are learning how to Hammock Camp.

At 6p UTC we have our annual Shadows Game happening on twitter, and join us at 10p UTC when IggleFlicks hosts a watch-a-long of Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown! Still up for more? Camp Directors Jo & Summer combine two of their favorite things in our annual Blanket Fort & Wine* Night.

*Or any beverage (water, cider, cocoa) of your choice!

Don’t forget about the IGGPPCamp giveaways!

If you need help converting time zones, use this tool or tweet a staffer with questions.

Don’t forget to check out all the other fun stuff (like puppies and scavenger hunts!) happening at the First Aid Cabin on Discord! Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the details and to see what’s coming up later this week!

What does your cabin have planned for today?

Troop Nook – Happy Friday One and All! Today we’re playing with ROCKS…rock candy, that is. Make your own sweet and crunchy treat, then grab another container for Jurassic in a Jar! We’re making Dino Terrariums! Tuck some fossils in there to investigate later, or just make a cute habitat for a dino friend.

Troop 626 – Join Troop 626 on the blog today to learn how to make some cute lanyards to give to your friends at Camp!

Troop Paradox – Have you always wished for your very own time-turner? Now’s your chance! We’re releasing a never-before-seen DIY for all of your magical time-bending needs.

Camp Cup!

Get your game face on! Today begins the annual IGGPPCamp Cup Challenge*! YOUR TROOP can win the cup by completing a set of photo challenges with additional points for finishing 1st! And YOU can help get your troop to victory by submitting an additional set of photos, worth up to 10 points!


*Link goes LIVE at 8a GMT.