Welcome, one and all, to the annual IGGPPCamp Cup Challenge! This year our three troops – Troop Nook, Troop 626, and Troop Paradox – are vying for the distinction awarded by the Camp Cup badge. The winning troop will go down in the IGGPPCamp history books as a troop whose teamwork and dedication will be remembered for generations to come!

Beginning Friday, August 16th, at 7:00am CDT, Troops will begin gathering the necessary photographic evidence to win points toward the IGGPPCamp Cup. There are two main ways Troops can gain points – a solo Camper challenge and a Troop challenge.

Ways for CAMPERS to earn points

Each individual camper has the opportunity to win up to 10 points for their Troop by completing 10 photo prompts. These photos may be as creative as you choose! Screenshots, selfies, or a DSLR photo shoot are all welcome but they MUST be brand new and original to this hunt. Campers will fill out this Google Form and either attach their photos to their form submission OR provide a link for each photo (from a Twitter/Instagram/Flickr/Dropbox etc. post).

Campers may win 1 point for each of the following:

  • Troop Pride!
  • Completed the Camp CYOA
  • Saturday Iggle Chat
  • Pranksters
  • Camp Mail Sent or Received
  • Getting Crafty
  • Out in Nature
  • Princess Bride Read/Watchalong
  • Busy in the Kitchen…
  • Singing Along to the Camp Playlist

You may fill out the form multiple times in order to complete all 10 prompts, earning up to 10 points total for your Troop.


Ways for TROOPS to earn points

As a group, troops must band together to complete a set of 25 photo prompts which will gain their troop 25 additional points toward the Camp Cup. Once again, these photos must be brand new and original to this challenge. Additionally, each person is only allowed to submit one photo toward the overall goal. Campers will share photos or links with their Troop Counselors who will collect and keep track of the completed prompts. The first troop to complete all 25 prompts will win an additional 10 points (a total of 35 points). The second troop to complete the prompts will win an additional 5 points (totaling 30 points). So hurry-hurry-scurry because time is of the essence! The 25 photo prompts to be completed by the troops are:

  1. Sunset
  2. Rainy day activity
  3. Early morning coffee or tea
  4. Campfire
  5. Blanket fort
  6. My bunk!
  7. A bug, a bug!
  8. Sunscreen or UV protection
  9. S’mores
  10. Camp Care Package
  11. Camp read
  12. Into the trees I go…
  14. Stargazing
  15. SpooOOOooky
  16. Hidden Treasure
  17. Sneaky snacky
  18. View from the cabin window
  19. Domestic critter
  20. Out on the lake!
  21. Fun & games!
  22. Hiking shoes
  23. Wild critter
  24. Stay hydrated!
  25. IGGPPC Pride

It’s ANYONE’S cup! We wish the best of luck to ALL our Troops!


The IGGPPCamp Cup Challenge is separate from individual Troop scavenger hunts. Please check with your Troop Counselor if there is any confusion.