Gooooood Morniiiiinnnnng IGGPPCamp!

Everyone knows that breakfast is the more important meal of the day, especially when you are planning on doing outdoor activities. When you awake up bright and early with the sun waking up with you, I’m sure you can only think of some big mug of hot coffee and a comfy breakfast.

But being at camp, sometimes you can’t get the perfect, most fresh ingredients, so you have to plan ahead, only using ingredients that you can bring with you. I have a super simple, awesome and yummy recipe, that you can have every day and love it…

You only need:

  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions (fresh or dry)
  • Herbs (dry)
  • Sausages (can)
  • Tuna (can)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Oil

And if you want to make extra awesome:

  • Bread
  • Wraps

This ingredients can last at least 1 week outside the fridge, if you store them in a fresh and bug free area, especially the ones that are canned…

And for equipment you need:

  • Aluminum pans (or aluminum foil)
  • Good fire with a wrack

Roll your sleeves, let’s start…

  • First thing, chop all the yummy, gorgeous ingredients that you choose to have. Of course you can go crazy and have them all, or you just pick the ones that you want.

  • Beat the eggs, add the chopped ingredients and season to taste.

  • Prepare your aluminum foil/pan by greasing it, then add your eggs mixture. Be careful if you are using the aluminum foil, you have to shape it like a bowl (use more then 1 sheet). Close the foil, and for the pan you should cover it with aluminum foil. You close both options, so the heat stays inside and cook all your ingredients.

  • Put the pan/foil on top of the wrack, adjust the fire. Don’t let it be a high flame, because you would burn it. Just let the hot charcoal to his thing. The time it takes, depends of the size you made your breakfast. For both options, I would start checking, carefully, after 5 minutes. If you chopped your ingredients finely/small they will be ready/soft soon, and for the eggs is just a matter how you like them.

“But I’m not at camp!!!!!”
No worries, you can do this in your oven, at 200 C / 400 F.
Also this would be great to eat at lunch or dinner, of course.

Did you choose other ingredients??? Tell us everything! Show us pictures of your creations.

If you have any questions, let us know.

Dittany @JustCombined