Are you the mighty ruler of your domain? Do you wish to wear a symbol of your regal power and excellence atop your head? Do you have a limited budget because real gold and gemstones are expensive? Fear not! My video tutorial will show you how, with some simple paper and your own innate sassiness, you can join the elite ranks of crown wearers. All you need are some basic supplies and an attitude that says “Get out of my way peasant, your monarch has arrived”.

Nothing says budget excellence quite like a paper crown.

If you make a crown I would supermegalove for you to post a picture so I can look at it and squee over how badass and great it will inevitably be.

Use the hashtag #royaliggleness on twitter or instagram so we can all appreciate your craftiness/bow down to you, O Great and Mighty Ruler.

You can also tweet me @HowPeculeah with any questions or comments (and also if you want the achievement code for being a top tier, truly amazing, crown-wearing iggle!)