Whether it was the first time you heard Flower say “you can call me Flower if you want to” or the way that snowman song gets stuck in your head EVERY TIME (you’re welcome), there are so many reasons to be a Disnerd. So get your Mickey ears and come geek out with the IGGPPC staff as they chat about all things Disney! 

What’s your favorite Disney movie?

Kimberlee: The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney movie, but Robin Hood is a close second.
Joanna: Newsies! No wait, The Lion King! No wait, Beauty and the Beast! No wait, Lilo & Stitch! No wait, Moana! No wait…..
Farquharson: It is a tie between Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, but I have a great appreciation for Disney, except Frozen.
Em: That is the hardest question I think I’ve ever been asked! I’ve gotta say a tie Monsters Inc. and Toy Story. They’re my movies that no matter how many times I’ve seen them, if I can’t sleep or I’m feeling blue, they’re the go-to!
Rosa: Growing up, my ultimate favorite was The Lion King with Aladdin taking second place, and while I still love both of these films, I’ve later felt much more drawn to the funnier, wackier Disney films such as Hercules and Robin Hood. I also have a massive appreciation for Frozen; I like that I can use it to show what living with mental illness can feel like, and I’m so grateful Disney tackled such a sensitive topic in a way most people can understand no matter their age.

Have you done a Disneybound? Show us!

Kimberlee: I have never done a Disneybound, I think it’s mostly because I have no idea how to put one together and really pull it off. I admire all of my geeky counterparts who can rock them!

Joanna: All the time! Here are Pongo and Perdita from Dapper Day at Disneyland in 2014.

We made it! #DapperDay

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Farquharson: I have, once as Maleficent.

Em: I haven’t really Disneybounded with intention, but I always make a point to wear red, black and white to the Parks in honor of Mickey!

Cos Disneyland is a pretty sweet place to turn 29 ❤️

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Rosa: I have done Disneybounding in the past, before realizing it was a thing. I have, on the other hand, never documented it with pictures. And these days, it’s a wonder if I even change out of my PJs..

What Disney art is the most striking to you?

Kimberlee: I have always thought that the art from the Fantasia movies was just lovely. I think it’s the combination of music set to such visually intricate storytelling. But I was SUPER excited to see Moana, because what I’d seen beforehand of that art looked delicious!
Joanna: Have you seen the art for Moana? It’s beautiful! But if you want to talk about unique Disney art, the animated movies that stick out to me are Hercules and Lilo & Stitch. Each were the distinctive style of a particular artist and their styles lend an extra dimension to the movies in a really wonderful way. Lilo & Stitch is like a Hawaiian watercolor thanks to Chris Sanders and Hercules take its look from cartoonist Gerald Scarfe.
 I really love looking at the concept art for all the films and the parks too. I think Pixar’s are probably the most visually stunning, especially Finding Nemo.
Em: It always blows my damn mind how much work went into making Monsters Inc – I have a couple of Disney Pixar art books, every individual monster hair being animated is so cool!
Rosa: I think Brave is absolutely breathtaking, and in combination with the atmospheric music, it’s spellbinding (heh). While the story might not be my absolute favorite of them all, the art more than makes up for it, and I can watch the movie again and again and again.

The traditional #carouselfie but this time with Jingles! #jinglesthehorse

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Have you been to a Disney park? What was your favorite experience? If not, what would you like to see?

Kimberlee: I have been to Disneyland in California. I didn’t go for the first time until I was 30. My favorite part was the French Quarter and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. This may be strongly biased due to the fact that it was a very hot day and the pirates ride is on the water in some delightfully cool dark tunnels.
Joanna: I grew up going to Walt Disney World (and all of the related parks) as a kid and still go back every couple of years as an adult. When I lived in California I was an annual pass holder to Disneyland and California Adventure….
Farquharson: I have been to the park in Paris twice (but the last time was almost 10 years ago!). I love just wandering round and taking in the little details like hidden Mickey’s and the small details put in. I’d love to visit all the parks one day.
Em: I’ve been to Eurodisney in Paris twice, and Toyko Disneyland and Disneysea 3 times! The best experience was spending my 29th birthday there, it was the coolest way to ring in the last year of my 20’s. I absolutely adore Disneysea, everything is so beautiful. We celebrated my birthday with the best trashy Spaghetti and Japanese Strawberry Shortcake, yum!
Rosa: I went to Disneyland Paris once, and I’ve been dreaming about going back ever since. I was 10, and Star Wars was my life, and I had no idea that they had a Star Wars section in the park, and it was almost too much for my 10 year old space-loving heart to bear. My parents had to drag me away to see the other areas of the park, and they thought it was hilarious that my favorite part of Disneyland was something that was (at that time) not even Disney.

What Disney character could be your irl bestie?

Kimberlee: Belle. I would absolutely start a book club with her. ALL THE READING!
Joanna: Hmmmm that’s tough. I’m not sure? But my sister says I’m an awful lot like Snow White…
Farquharson: Ursula, without a doubt.
Em: Mike Wazowski for sure, we would made so many snide remarks and wise cracks together. It’d be the worst.
Rosa: I would probably take one of the animal sidekicks. Maybe Pascal from Tangled? You guys can keep all the fuzzy puppies and kittens; I’ve wanted a lizard since I was 6.

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