The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on what we want to focus on in our lives. One great way to find that focus and carry it into the new year is to make a vision board! In this guide, the Iggle Wellness team will give you some tips on choosing a goal or intention you want to focus on, and making it real in the form of your own 2021 new years vision board.

Getting started on your 2021 New Years Vision Board

The first step is to choose your intention. Spend some time reflecting on what you want more of in your life. Is there something you’re lacking? Or something you love that you’d like to focus on more? Your intention could be a specific goal or project, such as writing a book or developing a skill, or it could be a quality or value, like self love. For my vision board, I’m going to be focusing on energy.

Before you get crafting, you need to gather your materials. You can use magazines, colourful paper, fabrics, stickers, penpalling materials, craft supplies… the possibilities are endless! At this point, you want to gather as many potential materials as you can, so don’t worry too much about how relevant they are to your intention. Make sure to pick a base for your vision board too. Any size is fine – you can do a big poster board, or a mini postcard version!

When you’re ready to craft, make sure to set up somewhere with lots of space to spread out all your materials, and create a setting that matches your intention. You might want to choose lighting, scents, or music that suit your intention. For example, I listened to an energetic playlist while making my vision board.

Making your vision board

It’s time to craft! Go through all the materials you’ve gathered and get chopping and choosing. At this stage, you want to give yourself lots of choices, so pick out anything that reminds you of your intention or that you feel drawn to. Build a pile of all the bits and pieces you choose.

Now you’re ready to start building your vision board. Start with some large or signature pieces, as in the image above, to give your vision board some background and structure. Really focus on each piece you choose. What has drawn you to this image or text? What do you like about it? What does that tell you about what you want or need at the moment

Once you’ve got some big pieces stuck down, you can start to add smaller details too. Your vision board is all about you and your intention, so make it your own style! Cosy and cluttered? Abstract? Lots of space? Go with whatever works for you.

Using your vision board

Your vision board is complete – but the journey doesn’t end there! It can be really helpful to follow up your crafting with some journaling. You can do this separately, or on the back of your vision board. Here are some prompts you might want to include:

  • What do my vision board choices tell me about my intention?
  • What do the colours of my vision board tell me about my intention?
  • What are some specific actions I can take to carry out my intention in the new year?

Finally, decide where to put your vision board. You might want to put it somewhere you’ll see it a lot, so you’re regularly reminded of your intention throughout the year. You could put it somewhere related to your intention, such as above a writing desk. Or you could put it somewhere special and personal, like in a memory box.

We would love to see your vision boards! You can share them with us in the Iggle Wellness channel on the IGGPPC Discord, or @igglewellness on Twitter.