Wicked witch not really your style? Well fortunately for you there’s the magical unicorn for this up-and-coming spooky season. Stand out from the bare basic witches with this unique design to unleash your playful pony side or prance around scaring your mates like a wild sassy mare! Whether you’re a fan of My Little Pony or just inspired by the elegance, power and mystique of mythical creatures, here’s how to get the unicorn look for you.

So grab your clip-in hair extensions and follow the guidance of magical unicorn incantations of Miss Alex to help you get the charm of the spell-binding unicorn image this Halloween.

First thing’s first: get your beauty craft set together to summon your inner mythical Aphrodite.

You will need:

  • Clip-in hair extensions (a three-clip and a four-clip weft for this look)
  • A curling wand or iron
  • A comb for sectioning and backcombing
  • Hair ties and grips
  • Smoothing serum
  • Hairspray
  • Pigment highlighter and glitter pigment
  • Eyelash glue and silver glitter
  • Silver flat-backed crystals
  • And a unicorn headband (yep, this is actually a thing L O L – get this online or get artsy and make your own)

Hot or trot, let’s awaken the rare unicorn within….

Begin this secret beauty ritual by conjuring up some curls

Comb the luscious locks of your natural hair, then grab your wand and curl random sections of hair to tame your lioness fauxhawk mane. No need for neatness, this look is all about embracing your messy feminine finesse! Remember to curl some strands of your hair extension wefts too so they’re ready for the next stage.

If want more advice on how to tame the mane check out this helpful tutorial then come back here to complete your unicorn transformation.

Next create a section on the top of your head and clip it back, do the same for the middle section of your hair. You’re basically crafting your hair into 3 sections: the top, middle and bottom.

Bedazzle your friends with the allure of the enchanting wefts

Fold your three-clip weft over on itself to leave the clip exposed so it’s easier to apply to your own hair. Now do the same for the four-clip weft…

Clip your wefts to the bottom section of hair on the middle of the back of your head.

Now it’s time to make the horsey tuft of the unicorn mane

Release the middle section of hair and brush that mohawk until it’s nice and smooth. Now that both sides are lovely and spruce, grab either side of your hair and one of the weft folds together to create a high ponytail.

Repeat this hair manoeuvre with the bottom section of hair by smoothing out the sides and holding them together to create another ponytail using the other weft.

Add depth and volume to your ponytail by backcombing them. Then take some hair grips and pin small random sections of the ponytail into the neat areas of your mystical unicorn mohawk. This is a good way to conceal the lines you last created when you tied up your ponytail.

Dab some small dots of smooth serum onto the ends of your fingertips and gloss up the sleek sides of your ponytail to gloss up your mythical sheen.

Liberate the top section of your hair and then push it against the root with your comb to give it some chunky but funky plumpness.

Upon finishing your backcomb, even out the top part of your hair slightly with a comb. Then grip the top section of your hair into the mohawk so it flows back like a fiery majestic unicorn mane.

Whip out the hairspray and give that mane a good blast to keep everything in its place. Then proudly position the unicorn horn on top of your head, nice, you deserve this!

Bewitching cosmetic concoctions

Beguile and entrance by applying some pigmented highlighter to your cheekbones then add some glitter pigment over the top to bejewel the senses and unchain your unicorn spirit animal. The more sparkles, the better, so use some eyelash glue to apply the glitter (and if you’re feeling adventurous add some silver crystals) just above the cheekbones to really get that additional glow to your mythical aura.  

Did you try this look? Share pics in the comments below!