Have you always known you were destined to be a Star, but just haven’t had your break-through chance yet? All that is about to change right now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to introduce (imagine a fanfare here) The IGGPPCamp 2015 Talent Show!

We are giving you – yes you! – the opportunity to shine in our new Camp Talent Show. Throughout camp you can upload pictures or videos on the forums of you doing stuff, making stuff, showing off your epic dance moves, or looking cute while eating 10 crackers at a time. Whatever your talent is, we want to see!

Your counselors will also be showcasing their talents throughout the week. Above you can see Counselor Timon’s, and her attempt to explain to you exactly what the IGGPPCamp Talent Show is all about. You might think her talent is wearing her shirt inside-out (so yeah, that happened), or forgetting to clear away the mess in the background before recording, and while those are clearly talents of epic proportions in their own right, the talent she chose to share with you was the fact that she can read a book, aloud. Point: you don’t need to be able to move stuff with your mind to qualify (although we certainly would applaud that) – you just need to have a camera and be and Iggle. Easy peasy!

Post your amazing(ly silly) talents on the forums, and use hashtag #iggletalentshow on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, so we can keep up with all your awesomeness!

We can’t wait to see just what kind of shenanigans you all come up with! Spoiler alert: Iggles are an awesome, talented bunch!