Welcome to a beautiful day at IGGPPCamp. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Jim Bob just can’t stop dancing. It’s the first day of 2015 IGGPPCamp and we are excited to spend the next few days with you!

Each day, we will greet you with a morning camp post entry (LIKE THIS ONE!) to give you the low down on everything happening at camp that day! Feel free to follow along, or to explore on your own. You can always reach out to us in the comments below, via email or on twitter.

And don’t forget to use the buddy system when you are touring the campgrounds!


Activity Time!

Stop by the camp library to learn about superheroes in our Comic Book Boot Camp. Over in the arts & crafts tent we are making Hakuna Matata necklaces. And don’t forget to run over to the tennis courts to participate in the Fitness Club daily challenge!

Are you staring at your camp trunk wondering what to wear during camp? We’ve got some ideas… Camp directors Mama Jo and Mr. Pants have put together a special Disneybound challenge for you! What will you wear to the flag pole each morning?

Over at the theatre shed, we are organizing a camp play video! Do you love scary stories? We are making our own Blair Iggle Project! See Activity Leader Belette for more details!

Make new friends but keep the old with our digital camp friendship bracelet activity. Did you remember to pack your camera? We’ve got two great photo scavenger hunts for you! Camp Director Toasty will give you all the details in the dark room. Calling all book worms! Is Turtle Time your favorite part of the day? Be sure to read about our Camp Reading Game!

We’ve got a stack of board games in the dinning hall, and need you to play them! It’s the second annual camp Tabletop Tournament. Follow along with the tournament and, if you missed the sign up, maybe make a new friend and play on your own! Speaking of games, if you are interested in playing Fiasco on Sunday, you will need to sign up in advance. Space is limited, so check it out for more info!

Take a break from writing those letters home to participate in our Spooky Campfire Tales contest! Who knows, if your story is our favorite, we might just share it with all the iggles around our closing campfire…


On the Main Screen

There is nothing like a good opening campfire to get you in the camp spirit! Your Camp staff and counselors hang out and play our silly camp grab bag game! Come root for your favorites! Trust me, you’ll want to check this one out!


Camp Chatter

Remember to stay hydrated! Follow our @iggppcampnurse and bring her any questions like “how long after eating chocolate frogs until I can go swimming?” or “does this slug-shaped rash look contagious to you?” She’ll be making daily rounds and offering helpful advice!

STILL NOT ENOUGH CAMP? The lovely ladies of Charm Bomb recorded a special camp podcast just for you!


Give Away

MagicCatJenny is giving away an Iggle Nerdy Monster plush to one lucky camper! Click here to view Iggle on his camping adventure!


And don’t forget to check in with your bunk mates for the cabin low down! Are you Troop Lumos, Troop Hakuna Matata, or Troop Croft?


And Remember…

“A hot rock placed in your sleeping bag will keep your feet warm. A hot enchilada works almost as well, but the cheese sticks between your toes.”