Very funny Troop Lumos! That custard cream was actually a canary cream! I’ve been coughing up yellow feathers all morning. Do you want to apologize? Leave me a comment below or reach out on twitter.


Activity Time!

Stop by the camp library to learn about Slice-of-Life comics in our Comic Book Boot Camp. Over in the arts & crafts tent we are making Lara Croft Necklaces! And don’t forget to run over to the tennis courts to participate in the Fitness Club daily challenge! Check out twitter for information on our Shadow Puppets Game today at 3pm Chicago time (but 9pm WEST where activity host, Counselor Dittany is located!)


On the Main Screen

We tried to stump you yesterday, but check out the Staff Trivia Answers to see how you did! And make sure to try your hand at a special themed Blind Test! Head to the forums to share your answers are make a guess for the theme!


Camp Chatter

Closing Campfire is tonight! We will be hanging out at 7pm (Chicago time) to chat about the past week and sing silly songs! Also, we will include reading our scary story winner.

Our camp give away ends today!


What does your cabin have planed for today? Are you Troop Lumos, Troop Hakuna Matata, or Troop Croft?


And Remember…

“Don’t try to make friends with raccoons. They will just charge at you, steal your food and then laugh about it with their friends.”