This morning I found a half eaten box of pizza in my underwear drawer, and all my underwear in the fridge. Troop Hakuna Matata, thanks, but no thanks…


Camp Chatter

SO HOW WAS CAMP?! We are sorry to see you all go, but it’s time to pack up and send you home. BUT REMEMBER! You can keep in touch with your camp friends all year long and continue the incredible camp spirit! Are you lost and just wandering into the camp grounds? Well, you can check out the full camp line up by reviewing our 2015 camp daily posts!

What to do at IGGPPCamp during Day 1
What to do at IGGPPCamp during Day 2
What to do at IGGPPCamp during Day 3
What to do at IGGPPCamp during Day 4
What to do at IGGPPCamp during Day 5
What to do at IGGPPCamp during Day 6

Oh, and most importantly – 


by @LianaWW

by @LianaWW

Without you there would be no camp! Your excitement and participation makes all the hard work that goes into planning this TOTALLY WORTH IT! Some of my favorite things were the bake along and the Iggles Against Humanity! And, I mean, LOOK AT ALL THESE COOL BLANKET FORTS!

by @Erinydwi

by @Erinydwi

We also made camp cocktails, SO MANY CRAFTS, did a lot of exercises and a lot of watch alongs, and WOW CAN YOU GUYS CLOSET COSPLAY! Like seriously. You all blow my mind with your wicked creativity and positive energy! I want to keep you with me always!

by @danicaface

by @danicaface

CONGRATULATIONS to Crystal (aka – IncredibleSigmund) for winning our Second Annual IGGPPC Camp Tabletop Game Tournament! Also CONGRATS to our Campfire Story Contest winner “Reflection” by @traceYevidence!

Stay tuned for our give away winner and the premiere of our Blair Iggle Project video!

Saying goodbye to you bunk mates? Be sure to keep in touch and represent your Troop Lumos, Troop Hakuna Matata, or Troop Croft all year! WE NOW RETURN YOU TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED IGGLING.

And Remember…

“Never take camping advice from a snail.”