Ghastly greetings, you spooky party ig-ghouls out there! What’s that, you say? You plan to participate in the Spoopy Cookie Decorate-along during our famous and fa-boo-lous Halloween Party? Well, this here is a little prep post to get you ready for our sugary shenanigans.

Keep in mind that we will not bake the cookies nor prepare the frosting together. The purpose of the hour livestream is to hang out while decorating up a storm! Please show up with your cookies and decorations of choice ready to go.

Seven examples cookies decorated during Halloween Party 2016

Seven example cookies decorated during Halloween Party 2016

During the livestream I’ll demonstrate a variety of Halloween-themed designs for anyone who wants to follow along. I suggest having at least a dozen cookies on hand as well as frosting of your choice in colors such as black, orange, red, and white.

If you’re feeling extra, whip up some purple or green, too. And maybe have some sprinkles on hand if you love you some cronch.

Slice and bake cookies plus premade frosting will work great, but if you feel like flexing your culinary muscles, I suggest preparing in advance: best rolled sugar cookies and glossy royal icing.

You’re also welcome to work on your own decorating project or just be an audience member and pretend you’re watching the Iggle Food Network. Turning on your video is optional, but everyone is welcome to voice or text chat. If you have any requests for designs you’d like to see, please leave a comment below!

See ya in our Discord on Saturday, October 17th at 1700 UTC!