Unwind with a witchy guided meditation from IggleWellness! A cup of tea, a pile of books, and a feline familiar – this cosy cottage has everything a witch could need for a relaxing evening. You can listen to the meditation or read the transcript below.

Listen to the meditation here:

Meditation transcript:

Welcome to a special Halloween Iggle Wellness guided meditation. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. You can sit or lie down, whatever works best for you. Close your eyes. As you allow your body to settle and relax, bring your attention to your breathing. Take a deep breath in – pause for a moment at the top of the breath – and breathe slowly out. With each deep breath, notice the cool air entering your body and the warm air leaving your body. Feel your body gently rise – pause – and relax as you breathe out.

You are walking through the forest carrying a wicker basket. The air is fresh and cold, but you are warm in your thick cloak and boots. With each step, you can hear the crunch of fallen leaves beneath your feet in the quiet of the forest. It’s the early evening, and you can see the soft colours of sunset through the gaps in the golden treetops. The hues of pink, orange, blue and purple slowly dim and blend together, and you feel the air beginning to turn a little colder as night approaches.

You reach a clearing in the forest. The clearing is surrounded by tall trees that keep it safe from the elements, creating a little private haven. Before you is the familiar, comforting sight of your cottage. You can see your garden, full of fresh herbs and round orange pumpkins. Beyond them, you can see light in the cottage windows, shining warmly in the dimming evening.

As you open the door, you are welcomed by warm air. The warmth makes your cheeks tingle. You step inside and close the door. You pull off your boots, and hang up your cloak and wide pointed hat on some hooks on the wall. Your body feels light after wearing the heavy clothes, and you stretch your arms and back.

Some candles give off a soft light and a comforting scent of cinnamon. Along the stone walls of the cottage hang dried herbs tied up in twine – rosemary, sage, meadowsweet and more. You take a deep breath and absorb the wonderful aromas.

You make your way to the little cosy kitchen and put down your basket on the table. The stove, made of stone and copper, is quiet, until you whisper ‘flame’. Now you can hear the crackling of fire from within the stove. You place a copper kettle on the stove and whisper ‘water’; just like that, the kettle is full of water, which begins to gently bubble. 

Now it’s time to look in your basket. It’s full of wildflowers, all kinds of colours and shapes and sizes. You get a big ceramic jug from a cupboard and again whisper ‘water’, before carefully setting the wildflowers in the jug. As you do so, you pluck off a few petals from the flowers whose qualities you need a little more of in your life at the moment.

There are bluebells, for constancy and stability; little white hawthorne flowers, for hope; bright blue cornflowers, for friendship; daisies, for new beginnings; and chamomile, for energy. Which petals do you gather? You can take as many as you need.

You hear the slow release of steam from the copper kettle, letting you know that the water is nice and hot. You lift the lid and sprinkle the petals into the water, then stir them slowly with a small spoon made from apple wood. With each stir, the brew becomes more aromatic and floral, and the qualities of the petals you chose diffuse into the water. You take out a large cauldron – shaped mug from the cupboard and slowly pour your fresh wildflower tea.

You hold the mug in both hands and feel its shape and warmth. You carry it across to a large, comfy chair in the corner of the room. You settle into the chair, feeling it support and hold your body, letting you cast off any heaviness from the day. The corner is full of books – books on shelves, books on a little wooden table, and even books piled up on the floor. There are books about plants and their properties; communicating with animals; the cycles of the moon and the tides; and many more things. You pick out an old comforting favourite to read as you sip your tea.

There’s just one more thing you need to complete this cosy scene. From the floor, you hear a little mewing noise and feel something soft brush up against your legs. You lean down to scritch the fluffy head of your cat. She curls up into a circle at your feet, and you hear her sleepy, content purr. As you relax into an evening of tea, books and feline companionship, you feel a sort of slow, warm magic filling the air in your little cottage.